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2021-05-17 16:24fixing a printout bug in the new volume script when it was ran without argumentsdsp1+1-1
2021-04-07 06:16updating volume to handle the sndioctl interface since mixerctl is now superuser onlydsp1+25-6
2019-05-30 15:52Create basedirsin1+1-0
2019-01-11 20:36script to modify an OpenBSD bsd.rd to include an auto_install or auto_upgrade filedsp1+47-0
2018-11-29 14:292f30-vpn: Fixup permssin1+11-4
2018-08-15 10:41Updated repository link.Eddie Thieda1+1-1
2018-08-08 08:232f30-vpn: Use explicit netmasksin1+2-2
2018-08-07 12:562f30-vpn: Factor out common partsin1+8-14
2018-07-26 12:102f30-clone-all: Check for curl and git installationEddie Thieda1+10-0
2018-07-30 18:362f30-vpn Linux supportzerous Naveen Narayanan1+49-7
2018-06-20 18:49add paste scriptsin1+10-0
2018-06-15 20:14Revived 2f30-clone-all script thanks to quinq for the regex. :)Eddie Thieda1+5-0
2018-06-14 20:44Removed 2f30-clone-all script that no longer works.Eddie Thieda1+0-5
2018-05-30 13:31Use instead of sprunge.ussin1+2-2
2018-05-04 15:31Change dns addrsin1+2-2
2018-04-29 17:17I created a new function for displaying the current volume level and print it out if you enter a correct or incorrect value.Eddie Thieda1+8-3
2018-04-23 19:55Add dyndns-update scriptsin1+81-0
2018-04-22 17:09Switch bootstrap node address for 2f30 vpnsin1+1-1
2018-04-12 12:13sprunge is dead, use ixsin2+13-13
2017-12-01 21:07Change temp for bright. 6500 -> 5500cipher1+1-1
2017-09-14 12:54Change tinc bootstrap node addresssin1+1-1
2017-07-11 20:20Parse ssh hosts through fzf and pass to xargs/sshcipher1+15-0
2017-07-04 16:28Add mbox to default listsin1+1-0
2017-07-04 16:25Add inbox action to .fdm.confsin1+1-0
2017-07-04 16:15Simplify default mutt configsin1+1-9
2017-07-03 09:49Add sample mail cfgsin3+69-0
2017-06-29 10:31sysbuild: Simplify kernel selectionsin1+1-4
2017-06-14 17:02sysbuild: No need to copy MAKEDEVsin1+1-3
2017-06-14 17:00sysbuild: No need to rm object filessin1+1-3
2017-06-09 09:38sysbuild: Fix script name in usagesin1+1-1
2017-06-04 09:22sysbuild: Fixup mode for /bsdsin1+1-1
2017-05-11 10:06Add small script for sctcipher1+14-0
2017-04-21 10:22Add fetch-spf scriptsin1+44-0
2017-04-11 14:51sysbuild: Use testsin1+1-1
2017-04-08 14:09FuzzyKill: find-and-kill, fuzzy stylecipher1+5-0
2017-03-16 17:48Rename scriptsin1+0-0
2017-03-16 15:21Add script to generate pf tables for blocking countriessin1+44-0
2017-02-19 16:49sysbuild works with OpenBSD 6.1 and onwardssin1+1-1
2017-02-14 08:44Cleanupsin1+1-1
2017-02-13 18:06rewording json output from id to url for the video contentramrunner1+1-1
2017-02-13 18:04fixing malformed link on the video resultsramrunner1+1-1
2017-02-13 18:02Initial commit of ytgrep. Uses the youtube API to search for terms. Can return a maximum of 50 results for now. requires jq from ports.dsp1+31-0
2017-02-13 11:13Minor cleanupsin1+2-2
2017-02-13 11:11Remove bogus assignmentsin1+0-1
2017-02-13 11:06Build SP kernel if ncpu is 1sin1+6-1
2017-02-13 10:59Don't automatically run sysmerge on world rebuildsin1+4-7
2017-02-13 10:24Initial commit of cryptovol. Cryptovol facilitates working with files as encrypted softraid volumes on OpenBSD It also securely wipes files. It is recommended to run it into systems with swap encrypt.dsp1+99-0
2017-02-08 18:10Bump up size of /var mfssin1+1-1
2017-02-08 17:51Add script to turn OpenBSD installation to read-onlysin1+17-0
2017-01-21 14:30sysbuild: Fix exit statussin1+1-0
2016-12-29 11:30sysbuild: Only clean /usr/obj/sys before building the kernelsin1+1-1
2016-12-29 10:07sysbuild: Only do post-build operations when base system is installedsin1+0-1
2016-12-02 16:02Change volume using dmenu and volume script.cipher1+7-0
2016-11-21 14:18Update commentsin1+2-0
2016-11-21 14:06Use $() instead of ``sin1+2-2
2016-11-21 14:03Add typical usage in sysbuildsin1+5-0
2016-11-21 13:52Rename upgrade-obsd to sysbuildsin1+0-0
2016-11-21 13:51Only call finish() if world/xenocara was builtsin1+5-1
2016-11-21 12:14Control upgrade-obsd from the command linesin1+20-4
2016-11-20 14:00Update upgrade-obsd script to work with latest -currentsin1+5-12
2016-04-20 14:32build only the kernel by defaultsin1+3-3
2016-04-03 15:23remove make clean stepssin1+2-4
2016-04-03 10:51program to introduce delay/packet loss in the networking stacksin2+184-0
2016-01-13 15:26Missed another trailing dotsin1+1-1
2016-01-13 15:24Die on first errorsin1+1-1
2016-01-13 15:23Add trailing dot for consistencysin1+1-1
2016-01-13 15:18Add DNS info for the VPNsin1+17-0
2015-12-31 15:48Grammar fixsin1+2-2
2015-12-31 15:45check if tincd/curl is installedsin1+9-0
2015-12-31 15:42Stylistic changes to 2f30-vpnsin1+33-23
2015-12-31 15:38Remove redundant quotessin1+5-3
2015-12-31 15:35Add commands for adjusting ownershipsin1+3-1
2015-12-31 15:30Add 2f30 VPN generation scriptsin1+96-0
2015-11-27 11:47Fix commentsin1+2-2
2015-11-26 17:28Remove the tee crapsin1+4-4
2015-11-18 08:46add sct - set color temperature by tedusin1+84-0
2015-08-10 15:07Include ISO LBA fixer tool by DeXTlostd3+351-1
2015-07-29 13:50sprunge: Fix indentationsin1+4-3
2015-06-25 10:49Add comment about following -currentsin1+2-0
2015-04-17 18:18removing my idiotic linuxism of unlink in favor of rmdsp1+1-1
2015-04-17 18:10now checks for the existance of the linked file before performing unmaskdsp1+5-2
2015-04-15 10:34initial import of gogithub.dsp1+58-0
2015-03-08 11:10Album art mpd client and merge with mpdlenlostd5+306-39
2015-02-18 17:43Add fw_update to upgrade-obsdsin1+1-0
2015-02-17 12:16Redirect stderr to stdout so tee can log itsin1+1-1
2015-02-15 09:56Redirect errors to stdout in upgrade-obsd so they can be loggedsin1+3-3
2015-01-28 17:49Remove fw_update from upgrade-obsdsin1+0-1
2015-01-13 12:25Rename functions from build*() to upgrade*()sin1+6-6
2014-12-22 20:34Add q3dsin1+57-0
2014-12-16 21:26Remove tosshsin1+0-17
2014-12-16 20:55Remove useless fdclose scriptsin1+0-13
2014-12-05 16:50Allow instant screenshot uploads without temporary filessin1+3-7
2014-11-28 12:29Run fw_update toosin1+1-0
2014-09-24 20:39volume script now reports the current level when run with no argumentsdsp1+5-1
2014-09-23 17:24Remove exec perms from /bsdsin1+1-0
2014-09-08 16:38Add cleanlibs for OpenBSDsin1+47-0
2014-09-04 10:44Log build output for all stagessin1+4-4
2014-09-02 14:52Some more stylistic changessin1+8-10
2014-09-02 14:49Fix sysmerge usage in upgrade-obsd and build GENERIC.MP by defaultsin1+4-8
2014-08-26 15:31Prefix messages with repo namesin1+3-3
2014-08-26 15:29Do a git rebase --abort if we have conflictssin1+7-3
2014-08-26 15:13Use curl instead of wget in 2f30-clone-allsin1+3-8
2014-08-18 21:30Use tabssin1+1-1
2014-07-30 17:24Add cream to tosshsin1+1-0
2014-07-30 16:59Add post-receive script for our git repossin1+15-0
2014-05-27 11:00Remove hacksin1+0-17
2014-05-22 15:58Update morpheus installation script to work with the latest pkgtools.sin1+2-2
2014-05-21 15:39Use -e as wellsin1+6-1
2014-05-21 15:23Add install-morpheus scriptsin1+12-0
2014-05-06 18:19Fixes in commentslostd1+3-3
2014-05-06 18:14My parserlostd1+65-0
2014-05-06 18:14Media file duration using mplayer scriptlostd1+17-0
2014-04-30 18:57Add web page script tag remover by tsakossin1+13-0
2014-04-22 14:50Fix for new namespace changescipher1+2-2
2014-04-19 13:07add webm formatcipher1+1-1
2014-04-04 13:15Factor out sections into separate functionssin1+41-30
2014-04-04 11:30F{ix.uck} youtube. Again.cipher1+1-1
2014-04-01 15:58F{ix,uck} youtubecipher1+10-1
2014-04-01 10:56Let curl handle https and feed mplayercipher1+2-2
2014-03-28 12:06Simple script for managing wireless interfacecipher1+70-0
2014-03-28 10:441 to 2 not 2 to 1sin1+1-1
2014-03-26 18:17Build xenocara by defaultsin1+6-6
2014-03-26 11:34Don't do cvs up in the upgrade scriptsin1+3-8
2014-03-02 21:17Don't run config by defaultsin1+1-1
2014-03-02 21:10cvs up xenocara as wellsin1+6-1
2014-03-02 21:04Build xenocara as wellsin1+8-1
2014-02-05 13:33better string handling for dfcipher1+2-4
2014-01-22 13:14Add openbsd upgrade from src scriptsin1+32-0
2014-01-18 10:32Run it in the backgroundsin1+3-2
2014-01-17 17:04Remove useless scriptDimitris Papastamos1+0-14
2014-01-16 12:06Add prompt + font specification to tosshDimitris Papastamos1+1-1
2014-01-15 19:13Add tossh scriptsin1+15-0
2014-01-11 12:05Do not stop on errorslostd1+1-1
2014-01-11 11:55Specify encoder/bitrate instead of using defaultslostd1+2-1
2014-01-09 12:28Remove wget dependencylostd1+2-4
2014-01-09 12:26Enable simplistic artist - title tagginglostd1+15-4
2014-01-05 01:49Print more info with dash alostd1+16-1
2014-01-01 15:45Use CXXFLAGS instead of CFLAGSlostd1+1-1
2014-01-01 15:32Use taglib to read tagslostd2+58-0
2013-12-26 14:35Change default host to destinysin1+1-1
2013-12-25 12:04Move sids to sids/sin1+0-0
2013-12-25 12:01Fix stylesin1+2-2
2013-12-25 12:00Add simple IDS scriptsin1+43-0
2013-12-24 14:46Simplify error reportingsin1+1-1
2013-12-21 17:59Fix redirectionsin1+2-3
2013-12-20 15:46Remove -e and fix indentationsin1+2-2
2013-12-20 15:38Fix indentationsin1+32-32
2013-12-14 11:05Fuck bc and use perl, lowercase hex is cleaner, correct gray masklostd1+7-4
2013-12-14 10:25Suggest alternative configslostd1+4-2
2013-12-14 10:01Naming consistencylostd1+2-2
2013-12-12 14:36Print my radio stations sillylostd1+12-0
2013-12-11 17:57separate diffs with a newlinelostd1+1-1
2013-12-09 19:48Use basic only regular expressionslostd1+1-1
2013-12-08 22:29Fix typolostd1+1-1
2013-12-08 12:15Xlib and cairo example code to draw a png imagelostd2+112-0
2013-12-07 12:02weechat scriptscipher3+78-0
2013-12-07 11:58moving weechat scripts to specific dircipher3+0-78
2013-12-03 11:50wireframe puffy generatorlostd3+42-0
2013-12-02 16:06Make clear it is not an on and off switchlostd1+1-1
2013-11-28 16:58Add update-obsd-kernel scriptsin1+14-0
2013-11-28 15:09Make it a bit more portablesin1+2-2
2013-11-28 15:01Remove --partial from rsyncsin1+1-1
2013-11-28 13:51Fix alignmentsin1+1-1
2013-11-28 13:46Use echo -n instead of read -psin1+1-1
2013-11-28 13:37Proper quoting, thanks daliassin1+5-2
2013-11-27 17:48No need to rm $listing in all paths just set up our trap properlysin1+1-5
2013-11-27 11:26Cleanup after SIGTERM and remove tmp file on errorssin1+3-1
2013-11-27 11:23Bail out if remote dir does not existDimitris Papastamos1+4-0
2013-11-27 11:21Use full path for rdir and mkdir ldir if neededDimitris Papastamos1+3-1
2013-11-27 11:14Delete temporary file on ^CDimitris Papastamos1+3-0
2013-11-27 11:09Allow rdir/ldir to be overriden by the environmentDimitris Papastamos1+8-4
2013-11-27 11:06Rename destiny-get to itorDimitris Papastamos1+0-0
2013-11-27 11:05Make it a bit more customizableDimitris Papastamos1+8-2
2013-11-27 11:02Indices cannot be floatsDimitris Papastamos1+1-1
2013-11-27 11:01If no files are present bail outDimitris Papastamos1+7-2
2013-11-27 10:48Use absolute pathDimitris Papastamos1+1-1
2013-11-26 21:14Rename line to fsin1+5-5
2013-11-26 21:13Escape filenamesin1+2-1
2013-11-26 20:45Add destiny-get scriptsin1+38-0
2013-11-24 09:38changed to new domain contentcipher1+2-2
2013-11-23 14:44better comment and stylelostd1+2-2
2013-11-23 14:33track changes of files in cvslostd1+46-0
2013-11-18 17:41some cleaningcipher1+0-3
2013-11-13 12:04+x some perl scriptssin2+0-0
2013-11-07 16:34Ensure a sensible output filename of the form <title>.<ext>sin1+2-1
2013-11-07 16:28The get output message should report the actual file being downloadedsin1+1-1
2013-11-07 14:40rewrite with a per video loop in mind, also no dir configlostd1+32-27
2013-11-06 10:12set output dir in one placelostd1+6-5
2013-11-04 17:18Update descriptionsin1+4-0
2013-11-04 17:13Wrap linesin1+2-1
2013-11-04 17:07Fix incompatibilities between GNU find and BSD findsin1+1-1
2013-11-04 16:57Do not request the format explicitlysin1+2-2
2013-11-04 16:26Use find to encode all filessin1+4-14
2013-11-04 15:29Fix typosin1+1-1
2013-11-04 15:21Rename ytget to ytfetchsin1+0-0
2013-11-04 15:19Fix descriptionsin1+2-2
2013-11-04 15:11Overwrite destination filesin1+1-3
2013-11-04 15:02Simplify code and handle playlists as wellsin1+14-9
2013-11-04 14:01Remove video identifier from output file namesin1+1-1
2013-11-04 13:58Change default pathsin1+1-1
2013-11-04 13:53Remove unused download files after convertingsin1+1-0
2013-11-04 13:50Simple script to download videos from youtube and convert them to mp3 using ffmpeg.sin1+34-0
2013-11-03 16:42rename script addedharis1+11-0
2013-11-03 14:35added cache optionHaris1+2-1
2013-11-03 13:32patch and script for surf for youtube/etcHaris3+34-0
2013-10-26 15:34fixed whitespace problemharis1+2-2
2013-10-25 18:39fixed root fs spaceHaris1+1-1
2013-10-25 12:47added archharis1+2-1
2013-10-25 12:39+x perleysin1+0-0
2013-10-25 12:37Show / instead of /home by defaultsin1+4-4
2013-10-25 12:26perley script addedharis1+66-0
2013-10-23 15:26Add stumpwm installation scriptsin1+30-0
2013-10-21 18:08Default to a rebase instead of a mergesin2+1-1
2013-10-19 11:42fixed typo in _cleandsp1+2-1
2013-10-19 11:22initial import of blackhole dns script for 2f30s unbounddsp1+44-0
2013-10-14 12:40Allow user to override fetch and build dir for the domusl scriptsin1+8-4
2013-10-08 14:25Add script that downloads and installs muslsin1+30-0
2013-10-02 09:19hard play/stop toggle (not pause) for the mpd (uses netcat, not mpc)lostd1+21-0
2013-10-02 09:17encode or re-encode audio files, useful command line cd rippinglostd1+39-0
2013-09-24 12:55Simplify 2f30-clone-allsin1+1-5
2013-09-24 12:51Fetch the project listsin1+1-2
2013-09-17 16:18Fix 2f30-clone-allsin1+1-1
2013-09-05 11:11Remove suckless-img/sin4+0-3548
2013-09-05 09:17Start network, add sic and ncsin1+9-0
2013-09-05 09:06Fix qemu-run to initialize vde properlysin1+8-1
2013-09-04 15:25Add cdrom groupsin1+1-0
2013-09-04 15:24Use bzImagesin1+1-1
2013-09-04 15:18Add bzImagesin2+3405-0
2013-09-04 15:07Add 'quiet' kernel cmdline optionsin1+1-1
2013-09-04 14:49Move suckless-initramfs to suckless-img/create etc.sin3+126-120
2013-09-04 14:33Add sdhcpsin1+4-0
2013-09-04 14:10Use /bin/bash instead of /bin/shsin1+1-1
2013-09-04 13:50Use smdev -s by defaultsin1+1-0
2013-09-04 13:40Add ifconfigsin1+7-0
2013-09-02 11:10dreamcast selfboot burning guide and toolslostd7+682-0
2013-08-30 09:51Use /bin/bash instead of /bin/shsin1+1-1
2013-08-25 22:14move to youtube-dl, the video proto hacklostd1+5-3
2013-08-24 12:57style, fault tollerance, readabilitylostd1+24-16
2013-08-24 10:03my audio cd creation scriptlostd1+88-0
2013-08-23 12:31mostly style fixes, header comments and dependencieslostd7+31-8
2013-08-22 21:13style fixes, use environment variables for languageslostd1+17-11
2013-08-22 15:59Add simevent and register smdev as the default hotplug hooksin1+2-2
2013-08-22 13:32Fix buildingsin1+2-1
2013-08-22 11:02new apikey, parse output, save links to log, sanity checkslostd1+26-5
2013-08-21 10:41Add dummy hotplug hooksin1+10-1
2013-08-21 10:30Fix PATHsin1+1-1
2013-08-20 14:41Add group disksin1+1-0
2013-08-20 13:36Forget about /dev/pts for nowsin1+0-2
2013-08-20 12:40No need for CPPFLAGS+=-DMKSH_NOPWNAMsin1+1-1
2013-08-20 12:36Add smdevsin1+26-8
2013-08-19 17:18Strip binariessin1+3-0
2013-08-19 17:15Build mksh with muslsin1+1-1
2013-08-19 16:27Set hostname as wellsin1+2-0
2013-08-19 16:15Add usage for suckless-initramfssin1+2-0
2013-08-19 16:09Create /etc/passwd and /etc/groupsin1+6-3
2013-08-19 15:39Build sbase and ubase with muslsin1+2-2
2013-08-14 11:48Add suckless-initramfssin1+71-0
2013-08-14 10:31Mount devptssin1+2-0
2013-08-14 10:27Register mdev with kernel hotplugsin1+1-0
2013-08-11 23:22usage style fixlostd1+2-2
2013-08-11 22:48this has no place herelostd1+0-44
2013-08-11 22:37my data cd burning script got betterlostd1+13-2
2013-08-11 11:17service is dead nowlostd1+0-23
2013-08-11 11:04for downloads path try global var firstlostd1+1-1
2013-08-07 01:02wrapper for mycosmos that handles a phonebook csvlostd1+22-0
2013-08-07 01:01spacing fixeslostd3+16-15
2013-08-07 00:49undo indent, exit if len check failslostd1+45-46
2013-08-02 13:15Remove allocators, they live in separator repossin4+0-1315
2013-08-02 13:01Add comment in mmap_aligned()sin1+1-0
2013-08-02 13:00Set MINALIGNMENT to 4 * sizeof(size_t)sin1+1-1
2013-08-02 12:57Add cfree() againsin1+6-0
2013-08-02 12:52Implement memalign(), aligned_alloc(), valloc() and pvalloc()sin1+47-36
2013-08-02 12:43Make posix_memalign() less hack-ishsin1+24-27
2013-08-02 11:33Add commentsin1+1-0
2013-08-02 11:32Ensure posix_memalign() returns correctly aligned addressessin1+42-36
2013-08-02 11:10Add unimplemented functionssin1+28-0
2013-08-02 11:01Use mmap_aligned() instead of sbrk_aligned()sin1+6-7
2013-08-02 10:46Inline sbrk_aligned()sin1+1-1
2013-08-02 10:42Allocate rbtree nodes with a 16 byte alignmentsin1+5-3
2013-08-02 10:38Change minimum alignment to 16 bytessin1+3-3
2013-08-02 10:34Use void * instead of char *sin1+2-2
2013-08-02 10:27Switch to sbrk() instead of mmap()sin1+22-19
2013-08-02 10:03Use sbrk() in alloc_object()sin1+11-11
2013-08-02 09:26Fix commentssin1+3-2
2013-08-02 09:24Add usagesin1+1-0
2013-08-02 09:20Make rballoc thread-safesin1+64-12
2013-08-01 16:07Add spinlock.hsin1+15-0
2013-08-01 15:47Remove superfluous ;sin1+4-4
2013-08-01 15:45Remove cfree()sin1+0-6
2013-08-01 15:44Add compile line at the topsin1+1-0
2013-08-01 15:42Rename mmap_pages() to alloc_block()sin1+4-2
2013-08-01 15:41Rename mmap_pages() to alloc_block()sin1+4-2
2013-08-01 15:36Simplify rounding calculationsin1+1-2
2013-08-01 15:02Remove superfluous commentssin1+0-5
2013-08-01 14:31Inline {alloc,free}_object()sin1+2-2
2013-08-01 14:20Re-order commentsin1+1-1
2013-08-01 14:17Rename `size' to `siz'sin1+2-2
2013-08-01 14:14Re-use allocated space if we were asked to shrink itsin1+4-0
2013-08-01 14:06Fix vertical spacingsin1+0-6
2013-08-01 14:04Add rbtree based memory allocatorsin1+765-0
2013-08-01 14:04Only free `oldp' if it is non-NULLsin2+244-1
2013-07-31 10:14Rename busybox_initramfs.shsin1+0-0
2013-07-30 13:37Add ndebugsin1+11-0
2013-07-30 13:25Add free_chunk() and make mmap_pages() staticsin1+12-5
2013-07-30 13:05Move some stuff to random/sin4+0-0
2013-07-30 11:32Rename mmap_page_aligned() to mmap_pages()sin1+2-2
2013-07-30 11:29Remove unneeded warningsin1+0-2
2013-07-30 11:22Revert "Add comment for mmap_page_aligned()"sin1+0-1
2013-07-30 11:20Fix posix_memalign()sin1+26-21
2013-07-30 09:51Grab OpenBSD's memalignsin1+20-3
2013-07-30 09:48Inform the user of not implemented functionssin1+1-0
2013-07-30 09:45Wrap linesin1+2-1
2013-07-30 09:42Add comment for guard pagesin1+1-0
2013-07-30 09:42Add comment for mmap_page_aligned()sin1+1-0
2013-07-30 09:37Don't use MAP_ANONYMOUS, use MAP_ANONsin1+1-2
2013-07-30 09:35Use mmap() instead of sbrk()sin1+29-3
2013-07-24 18:02volume is a simple script to manage mixerctl in openbsddsp1+22-0
2013-07-24 15:43No need to call free on the old pointer, just alter the state directlysin1+1-1
2013-07-24 15:40malloc_usable_size() should only work on allocated chunkssin1+1-1
2013-07-24 15:35Put stub for posix_memalign()sin1+6-0
2013-07-24 15:27Add malloc_size() so it works on OS X as wellsin1+6-0
2013-07-24 15:22Add toy memory allocatorsin1+115-0
2013-07-22 11:23Character limit check.Haris1+52-44
2013-07-17 16:43Some stylistic changessin1+5-4
2013-07-17 16:39Remove xml2 dep from 2f30-clone-allsin1+1-1
2013-07-12 13:10Do a git remote update as wellsin1+1-0
2013-07-12 13:09Make 2f30-clone-all compatible with cgitsin1+1-3
2013-07-09 18:31Force pseudo-tty allocationsin1+1-1
2013-07-09 18:27Remove tmp file on remote serversin1+1-0
2013-07-09 18:06Add ssh-multisin1+27-0
2013-07-06 14:53Rename to 4chanfetchsin1+0-0
2013-07-06 14:48Rename `loc' to `path'sin1+3-3
2013-07-06 14:45Fix vertical spacing + remove useless infosin1+4-1
2013-07-06 14:43Remove useless variablesin1+0-1
2013-07-06 14:42Exit when all links give 404sin1+11-1
2013-07-06 14:22Don't exit if we get 404sin1+1-2
2013-07-06 14:17Add multiple thread supportsin1+18-11
2013-07-06 14:09Cleanup 4chandownload.shsin1+16-16
2013-07-05 17:48Fix indentation + other crapsin1+5-7
2013-07-05 16:42Spelling fix.Haris1+1-1
2013-07-05 12:184chan pic downloader.Haris1+40-0
2013-07-05 10:56Add fdclosesin1+13-0
2013-07-04 14:15Add qemu2hddsin1+8-0
2013-06-30 15:40qemu-arm-chroot: use absolute path of `sh'oblique1+1-1
2013-06-28 14:37Add stripjpegsin1+9-0
2013-06-28 11:35Print out skipped repossin1+2-0
2013-06-28 11:30Correctly skip non git repossin1+5-5
2013-06-28 11:27If it is not a git repo - report it to the usersin1+3-1
2013-06-28 11:13Fix printsin1+1-1
2013-06-27 16:55Add filenametag.plsin1+32-0
2013-06-27 16:54Add suicide scriptsin1+44-0
2013-06-27 16:52Add mpdlensin2+39-0
2013-06-27 16:31Add 2f30-clone-allsin1+14-0
2013-06-27 16:14Add git-update-allsin1+11-0
2013-06-26 17:38Fixed description.haris1+1-1
2013-06-26 17:08Weechat script for shorting url.haris1+17-0
2013-06-25 22:43Add mindblow.csin1+91-0
2013-06-25 22:19Cmus plugin for weechat.Haris1+17-0
2013-06-25 21:17identation fix.Haris1+0-1
2013-06-25 21:16wavtomp3 identation fixHaris1+1-0
2013-06-25 21:14Identation fix.Haris1+2-2
2013-06-25 21:04wavtomp3 for OpenBSDHaris1+35-0
2013-06-25 20:58Removed useless commentsHaris1+0-5
2013-06-20 15:23Add d2-resurrect.c and get.gosin2+181-0
2013-06-20 15:23Set +x on scriptssin18+0-0
2013-06-20 15:06Add epubtohtml pastieharis2+70-0
2013-06-20 12:32Add `qemu-arm-chroot'oblique1+47-0
2013-06-20 12:23Add `mplayerst'oblique1+5-0
2013-06-20 12:19Add `'oblique1+51-0
2013-06-20 12:07Add colordump, sprunge and utubifysin3+47-0
2013-06-20 11:52Initial commitsin13+304-0