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2018-04-15 10:19Remove links, they are deadsin1+2-6
2017-11-05 15:45minor code-styleHiltjo Posthuma2+2-2
2017-11-05 15:42add util.c: reallocarray for muslHiltjo Posthuma4+47-4
2017-11-05 12:41ff.c: farbeld supportHiltjo Posthuma5+56-4
2017-11-05 14:19Update READMEsin1+1-1
2017-11-05 12:13read data from stdinHiltjo Posthuma4+10-16
2016-10-18 11:47Don't intend casessin1+20-21
2016-10-18 11:46Bump copyright yearsin1+2-2
2015-12-05 10:13Remove binarysin1+0-0
2015-10-06 19:26hexsort: rewrote algorithm from scratchz3bra2+74-50
2015-10-05 22:44hexsort: explain how scoring worksz3bra1+17-0
2015-10-05 22:01hexsort: sort colors by dominant colorz3bra1+165-0
2015-06-15 19:40Bump to 0.3sin1+1-1
2015-06-15 10:26Fix AUTHORS section in manpagesin1+2-2
2015-06-13 11:23Style fixessin1+1-3
2015-06-13 11:17Style fixeslostd1+10-9
2015-06-13 11:07Bump to long long to avoid overflows on 32-bit systemslostd1+3-3
2015-06-13 10:28Rename rb_e to e now that TAILQ is gonesin1+3-3
2015-06-13 10:27Rename hasmember() to ismember()sin1+3-3
2015-06-13 10:08Remove queue.h nowsin3+1-650
2015-06-13 10:08Change nelems from long to size_tsin1+1-1
2015-06-12 23:41We do not need the list of points per clusterlostd1+41-39
2015-06-12 13:58Bump freq from int to longsin1+1-1
2015-06-11 19:39Fix comparison functionlostd1+4-2
2015-06-11 14:01Add verbose modesin2+36-2
2015-06-11 13:51Move init cluster settings all at the same placelostd1+5-2
2015-06-11 13:28Add RB_PROTOTYPEsin1+1-0
2015-06-11 11:15Update READMEsin1+1-1
2015-06-11 11:09Style fixsin1+0-1
2015-06-11 11:01Rename members to pointheadsin1+9-9
2015-06-11 10:01Reuse pointer in fillpoints()sin1+4-4
2015-06-11 09:46Use a red-black tree to store the pointssin6+802-171
2015-06-11 09:10Style fixsin1+3-1
2015-06-11 09:08Add bounds checking to vector_get()sin2+3-2
2015-06-10 20:48Add vector_free() to vector.hsin1+1-0
2015-06-10 16:35Switch to vector based representation for pointssin4+78-15
2015-06-10 14:06Made distance value more readable in hex2col.cz3bra1+1-1
2015-06-10 14:02Remove math.h from hex2col.cz3bra1+5-6
2015-06-10 13:38Update hex2col.csin1+101-12
2015-06-09 23:02Update READMEsin1+3-3
2015-06-09 17:22Not brightness but greyscale stepslostd2+3-3
2015-06-09 16:35Use taxicab metric for k-medianssin1+9-3
2015-06-09 16:18Fix indentation in colors.1sin1+2-2
2015-06-09 16:07Update README and manpagesin2+4-4
2015-06-09 15:37Update READMEsin1+1-1
2015-06-09 15:29Add support for k-medians clusteringsin2+74-7
2015-06-09 14:12Add hex2col by z3brasin1+24-0
2015-06-09 14:11Rename scripts/ to bin/sin1+0-0
2015-06-06 11:40Make images smaller in tohtml.shsin1+3-3
2015-06-06 11:11No need to use sqrtf() in distance()sin2+2-3
2015-06-06 10:52Bump to 0.2sin1+1-1
2015-06-06 10:16Random is now a modifier and we have a new pixel select modelostd2+29-20
2015-06-06 09:45Initialize pointsin1+1-1
2015-06-06 09:39Hue selector on the whole rgb hue rangelostd1+39-11
2015-06-06 08:54Skip pixels with a zero alpha componentsin1+2-0
2015-06-05 16:05Add lostd to LICENSEsin2+3-1
2015-06-05 16:02No need for point coords to be longsin1+13-12
2015-06-05 15:23Simplify logic for init space and stepslostd1+11-8
2015-06-05 15:23Use proper typesin1+1-2
2015-06-05 15:22Fix overflow for very large picturessin1+6-5
2015-06-05 14:40Don't segfault if nclusters is 0sin1+1-1
2015-06-05 13:41Limit the number of clusters to brightness stepslostd1+9-5
2015-06-05 13:22Basic hue clustering, only the 6 basic hues supported for nowlostd2+31-1
2015-06-05 12:59Round to nearest in distance calculationssin1+1-1
2015-06-05 12:54Fix alignmentsin1+2-2
2015-06-05 12:49README updatesin1+1-1
2015-06-05 12:44Simplify png parsersin1+20-41
2015-06-04 22:49Make the default cluster selection fixedlostd3+26-6
2015-06-04 19:13Fix usage() now that we have a manpagesin1+0-2
2015-06-04 18:38Style fixsin2+2-0
2015-06-04 18:34Bring up default # of clusters to 8sin2+3-3
2015-06-04 18:31Remove superfluous commentsin1+0-2
2015-06-04 15:14Readability fixlostd1+7-7
2015-06-04 15:02Fix mergesin1+0-1
2015-06-04 14:59Add manpagesin3+39-2
2015-06-04 14:58Include /usr/local paths by defaultlostd1+2-1
2015-06-04 14:29Fix usagesin1+2-2
2015-06-04 14:27Minor comments fixsin1+3-2
2015-06-04 14:17Factor out image parsingsin4+100-80
2015-06-04 13:57Add a flag to control printing of empty clusterssin1+11-5
2015-06-04 13:40Bring down default number of clusters to 4sin1+6-7
2015-06-04 13:33Ensure point is initialized properly before adjusting centersin1+1-2
2015-06-04 13:27Fix header deps in Makefilesin1+1-1
2015-06-04 13:24Remove unused functionsin1+0-9
2015-06-04 13:15Add emalloc()sin1+16-5
2015-06-04 13:09Add example to READMEsin1+10-1
2015-06-04 13:00Add minimal READMEsin1+5-0
2015-06-04 12:56Initial commitsin6+1046-0