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Changed manpage for good (thanks to rocx)

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diff --git a/skroll.1 b/skroll.1 @@ -1,26 +1,40 @@ -.TH MAN 1 2014-04-26 "Linux" "skroll" +.TH skroll 1 2014-09-03 "v3.0" "Skroll nanual" .SH NAME -skroll - make a given text scroll +skroll \- make a given text scroll .SH SYNOPSIS .B skroll -.RI [\| \-hlr\| ]\ [\| -n\ num\| ]\ [\| -d\ delay\| ] +.RI [ \-hlr ]\ [ \-n\ num ]\ [ \-d\ delay ] .SH DESCRIPTION .PP .B skroll -reads text on stdin and make it scroll to stdout +reads text from stdin and make it scroll to stdout. .TP -.B \-d delay -Make scroll steps last <delay> seconds .B \-h -Display a help text +Displays a help text +.TP .B \-l Loop text forever -.B \-n num -Show <num> char at a time +.TP .B \-r -Output a new line after each step -.SH BUGS -.PP -No bugs known actually. Feel free to report them at +Output a newline after each step +.TP +.BI \-n\ <num> +Show <num> char at a time (defaults to 10) +.TP +.BI \-d\ <delay> +Define scrolling speed, in second/step (defaults to 0.5) +.SH EXAMPLES +.TP +\(buLoop indefinitely: +\fBecho\fR "Hello world!" | \fBskroll\fR \-l +.TP +\(buOutput \fIX\fR characters at a time: +\fBskroll\fR \-n \fIX\fR < \fIFILE\fR +.TP +\(buRotate a step every \fIX\fR seconds: +\fBmpc\fR current \-\-wait | \fBskroll\fR -d \fIX\fR +.SH REPORTING BUGS +If you encounter any bugs, feel free to report them at \\fR .SH AUTHORS / CONTRIBUTORS Willy Goiffon is the main author. +Dave Chesser helped with the man page