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commit 0c1157ab7b327eb24b8692a5889ba5fe76a2aacc
parent 04896c0cb0b29caaad3976bba16428610be15a48
Author: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <>
Date:   Mon, 11 Jan 2016 10:16:01 +0100

Add expected output to test037

This is a very important moment in suckless life, we are now able to
compile original Duff's device, whith k&r syntax.

Mcc1/tests/test036.c | 46+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
1 file changed, 45 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/cc1/tests/test036.c b/cc1/tests/test036.c @@ -3,7 +3,51 @@ name: TEST036 description: Duff's device output: - +test036.c:60: warning: type defaults to 'int' in declaration +F4 I E +G5 F4 send +{ +R1 P to +R2 P from +R3 I count +\ +R7 I n + R7 R3 #I7 +I #I8 /I :I + s L9 R3 #I8 %I +L10 + e +L11 + R1 @I R2 #N2 :iP @I :I +L13 + R1 @I R2 #N2 :iP @I :I +L14 + R1 @I R2 #N2 :iP @I :I +L15 + R1 @I R2 #N2 :iP @I :I +L16 + R1 @I R2 #N2 :iP @I :I +L17 + R1 @I R2 #N2 :iP @I :I +L18 + R1 @I R2 #N2 :iP @I :I +L19 + R1 @I R2 #N2 :iP @I :I + j L11 R7 #I1 :-I #I0 >I + b +L12 + j L8 +L9 + t #8 + v L19 #I1 + v L18 #I2 + v L17 #I3 + v L16 #I4 + v L15 #I5 + v L14 #I6 + v L13 #I7 + v L10 #I0 +L8 +} */ /* Disgusting, no? But it compiles and runs just fine. I feel a combination of