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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -46,43 +46,36 @@ that's pretty cool! Here are some examples: # Tell me whenever I have a new mail - wendy -m 256 -d ~/mails/INBOX/new -t 60 -e espeak "You got a new mail" + wendy -m 256 -w ~/mails/INBOX/new espeak "You got a new mail" # On-the-fly recompilation - wendy -l | grep -i close_write - IN_CLOSE_WRITE ... 8 - find -name "*.c" | wendy -m 8 -q -d ~/src/dev/program/ -t 1 -e make - + wendy -m 138 -w ~/src/dev/program/ make - # Get up to date with community based projects - wendy -m 770 -f /mnt/nfs/project/ -t 30 -e popup 'project updated' + # Run a script against all files create in a directory + wendy -m 256 -w $HOME/autoupload sh -c '/usr/local/bin/upload.sh $WENDY_INODE' - # watch creation in the directory, and modifications on a file - wendy -m 256 -f ./my_dir -m 8 -f file.txt -e echo awesome! + # watch different events for different files + wendy -m 256 -w ./directory -m 8 -w ./file.txt FAQ === > Can it work on a folder and sub folders ? -It does not. inotify does not handle this by default, and implementing this -would make the code grow in complexity to a level I don't want to reach. -But you could do something like: - - $ tree - . - ├── a - ├── b - │ ├── c - │ └── d - └── e - - 5 directories, 0 files - - $ find a -type d | wendy -m 256 -v | cut -f2 - -That will add a watch to each directory, and output the names of the file -created (eg: "a/b/newfile"). +Yes. By using two flags: `-r` and `-d`. The former will enable "recursive +mode", which will add a new watch on every node trigerring an IN_CREATE +event (note: you MUST add this even to the mask). +The latter (`-d`) will ignore every inode that is not a directory when +adding watches. This one is not mandatory, but could create duplicate +events reports by watching the same events on a directory, and each file +in this directory. + +Note: Because of the way inotify works, it is possible to encounter race +conditions when creating multiple levels on directories. Specifically, +when watching a directory "a", and doing `mkdir -p a/b/c`, the directory +"c" will most likely not be watched, because it was created before the +watcher on "b" was added. A workaround is to do it in multiple steps, +to give enough time to wendy to add the necessary watchers. --- @@ -102,13 +95,9 @@ still prefer using wendy because of this: * inotifywait exits upon event reception [1] * inotifywait does not allow to launch a command on event reception [2] * inotifywait with multiple events can end in an infinite line [3] - * inotifywait cna't read names from stdin * inotifywait only handle the file modification event (eg, wendy can use the IN_ONLYDIR mask) - * inotifywait exits right when an event occur, wendy can treat all queued - events at a specific period - * inotify-tools : 164kb against 12kb for wendy (ok, not that relevant) - * I like the name 'wendy' better + * 'wendy' is shorter/cooler to type! [1] I'm aware of the '--monitor' flag, but the only way to exec a command with this is a pain that implies read, a while loop and so on. @@ -122,7 +111,7 @@ like: inotifywait -e <event> ~/path/to/my/file && command done -Good luck with this, I prefer "wendy -m <mask> -e command" +Good luck with this, I prefer "wendy -m <mask> command" [3] one flag per event. events written in words: @@ -130,10 +119,4 @@ Good luck with this, I prefer "wendy -m <mask> -e command" I prefer - wendy -m 774 -f ~/path/to/my/file - ---- - -> Would you prefer to fight one horse sized duck, or 10 duck sized horses ? - -Regarding size and number, I'd rather fight horses. Ducks are silly creatures. + wendy -m 774 -w ~/path/to/my/file