NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
behelitdark colorscheme drakevr/oblique2016-06-23 04:18
bliperstatic html page generation in perl cipher2015-01-17 11:24
callgraphruntime callgraph generator sin2014-01-14 10:26
catpointsimple slides viewer Lazaros Koromilas2014-07-20 14:24
ceckblibcec to uinput key event mapper Lazaros Koromilas2018-02-21 21:46
colorsextract colors from pictures sin2018-04-15 10:19
create_apcreate a nat-ed wifi ap oblique2015-10-31 15:05
crux-initscriptshacked CRUX initscripts to work with sinit sin2014-04-23 19:19
cyberia_uptime_partyWebsite of Al Beano2018-05-23 11:34
cynixx86 UNIX-like OS sin2013-06-20 12:49
dedupdata deduplication program sin2018-03-31 09:04 website Lazaros Koromilas2018-12-31 21:46
docsdocs and guides sin2013-07-19 16:20
edsimple ed Roberto E. Vargas Caballero2018-08-27 19:21
fatbaseportable OpenBSD tools sin2014-11-21 21:50
fortify-headersstandalone fortify-source implementation sin2018-07-24 10:01
fsmorpheus filesystem files sin2014-10-27 13:59
fsfuzzsmall fs fuzzer sin2013-06-25 22:37
go-bgpa collection of golang BGP tools to monitor, archive and serve dsp2015-02-21 04:28
hbaseheirloom base Daniel Bainton2014-06-17 20:13
humanconvert bytes to human readable formats z3bra2017-06-07 06:53
hysteriaii wrapper script sin2014-12-07 11:49
irissmall scheme interpreter sin2014-05-19 17:13
kuntgolang IRC bot sin2014-09-28 19:10
lelfarbfeld image viewer Hiltjo Posthuma2018-01-31 17:34
lemoncakerbtree based memory allocator sin2013-12-20 17:28
libdssimple data structures library and utility functions sin2014-05-06 13:37
memzapreplay memory writes sin2013-10-25 15:44
mkbprogress bar maker z3bra2015-11-15 14:56
mkbuildmk based build system Daniel Bainton2015-04-02 09:21
mmswitchminimal multimedia switch oblique2013-06-20 12:16
morpheus-basemorpheus base system sin2015-01-21 01:05 website Hiltjo Posthuma2017-03-10 12:42
morpheussuckless linux distro sin2014-12-16 16:26
musicfixmusic file renamer and tagger Lazaros Koromilas2018-03-04 15:08
nauseacurses audio visualizer Lazaros Koromilas/sin2015-06-23 00:59
nbenga non-blocking client/server engine dsp2012-07-03 18:34
ncmixerncurses audio mixer for DJ'ing Lazaros Koromilas/sin2016-12-15 15:38
noicesmall file browser Lazaros Koromilas/sin2019-01-04 19:31
openbsd-ncOpenBSD netcat port for Linux sin2017-04-28 10:23
passsimple password manager zerous2017-12-29 16:57
pexecexecute a program from standard input sin2018-03-23 15:57
pkgtoolsmorpheus pkg tools sin2014-07-22 11:15
portsmorpheus ports sin2015-04-02 09:20
proutsmaller "lp" command z3bra2016-02-14 00:19
ratox-nuggetsuseful ratox related scripts sin2014-11-02 11:18
ratoxFIFO based tox client sin2018-09-07 18:28
rsFTDI serial communication program sin2013-12-12 12:16
sadsimple audio daemon sin2015-02-01 01:14
sbasesuckless unix tools sin2018-07-07 07:26
sbmsimple bandwidth monitor sin2016-10-14 14:00
sccsimple C compiler k0ga2017-12-04 20:43
scriptsmisc scripts and tools sin2019-01-11 20:36
scronsimple cron daemon sin2015-02-12 15:44
sdhcpsimple dhcp client sin2018-11-22 12:13
sinitsuckless init sin2018-03-26 16:48
skrolltext scroller z3bra2016-01-29 23:03
smdevsuckless mdev sin2015-04-12 11:42
soapsimple xdg-open replacement with fallback Laslo Hunhold2016-08-10 11:10
spoonset dwm status Lazaros Koromilas/sin2018-07-01 09:41
sportsports tree with suckless software sin2014-10-28 09:48
sscallUDP based voice chat sin2013-03-14 18:58
stagit-gopherstatic git page generator for gopher (mirror) Hiltjo Posthuma2018-12-25 12:42
stagitstatic git page generator (mirror) Hiltjo Posthuma2018-12-25 12:44
subsynccli tool to synchronize srt subtitles automatically oblique2014-05-01 15:24
templatesslackpkg templates sin2014-10-24 17:55
tinythreadtiny threading library for linux sin2015-12-28 10:26
ubasesuckless linux base utils sin2018-07-02 13:03
voronexperimental ARM OS oblique2013-08-18 03:49
waffleuser and group backend daemon sin2015-03-11 18:50
warp-vpnpoint to point VPN implementation sin2017-03-31 13:24
wendyinotify based node watcher z3bra2015-03-30 19:09
wificursewifi jamming tool oblique2013-10-30 21:25
xbattmonsimple battery monitor for X sin2018-09-13 08:26
xkblayoutprints current xkb layout Lazaros Koromilas2015-10-19 22:21
xscreenshotsuckless screen capture tool Hiltjo Posthuma2016-07-27 17:18
ytconvyt video creator oblique2018-05-28 12:15