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find.1 (3528B)

      1 .Dd 2015-10-08
      2 .Dt FIND 1
      3 .Os sbase
      4 .Sh NAME
      5 .Nm find
      6 .Nd find files
      7 .Sh SYNOPSIS
      8 .Nm
      9 .Op Fl H | L
     10 .Ar path Op ...
     11 .Op Ar expression
     13 .Nm
     14 walks a file hierarchy starting at each
     15 .Ar path
     16 and applies the
     17 .Ar expression
     18 to each file encountered.
     19 .Sh OPTIONS
     20 .Bl -tag -width Ds
     21 .It Fl H
     22 Dereference symbolic links provided as
     23 .Ar path .
     24 .It Fl L
     25 Dereference all symbolic links encountered.
     26 .El
     28 .Ar expression
     29 is a combination of the following primaries and boolean operators. In
     30 the following descriptions the number n can be replaced by +n, n, or -n,
     31 to mean more than, exactly, or less than n respectively.
     32 .Ss Primaries
     33 .Bl -tag -width Ds
     34 .It Fl name Ar pattern
     35 True if the name of the file matches the given pattern.
     36 .It Fl path Ar pattern
     37 True if the path to the file matches the given pattern.
     38 .It Fl nouser
     39 True if the file belongs to a user for which getpwuid() returns NULL.
     40 .It Fl nogroup
     41 True if the file belongs to a group for which getgrgid() returns NULL.
     42 .It Fl xdev
     43 True. Do not enter directory on a different device.
     44 .It Fl prune
     45 True. Do not enter directory.
     46 .It Fl perm Ar mode
     47 True if permissions on the file match mode. Mode is a symbolic mode
     48 as used in chmod. A leading '-' in mode checks that at least all bits
     49 in mode are set in permissions for file. Without the leading '-' the
     50 permissions for file must exactly match mode.
     51 .It Fl type Ar t
     52 True if file is of type specified by
     53 .Ar t .
     54 .Bl -tag -width Ds
     55 .It Ar b
     56 block special
     57 .It Ar c
     58 character special
     59 .It Ar d
     60 directory
     61 .It Ar l
     62 symbolic link
     63 .It Ar p
     64 FIFO
     65 .It Ar f
     66 regular file
     67 .It Ar s
     68 socket
     69 .El
     70 .It Fl links Ar n
     71 True if file has
     72 .Ar n
     73 links.
     74 .It Fl user Ar name
     75 True if file belongs to user
     76 .Ar name .
     77 .It Fl group Ar name
     78 True if file belongs to group
     79 .Ar name .
     80 .It Fl size Ar n[c]
     81 True if file size in 512 byte sectors (rounded up), or bytes (if
     82 .Ar c
     83 is given), is
     84 .Ar n .
     85 .It Fl atime n
     86 True if file access time is
     87 .Ar n
     88 days.
     89 .It Fl ctime
     90 True if file status change time is
     91 .Ar n
     92 days.
     93 .It Fl mtime
     94 True if file modified time is
     95 .Ar n
     96 days.
     97 .It Fl exec Ar cmd [arg ...] \&;
     98 Execute cmd with given arguments, replacing each {} in argument list
     99 with the current file. True if cmd exits with status 0.
    100 .It Fl exec Ar cmd [arg ...] {} +
    101 True. Add as many files as possible to argument list and execute when
    102 the list is full or all files have been found.
    103 .It Fl ok Ar cmd [arg ...] \&;
    104 Prompt the user on each file encountered whether or not to execute cmd
    105 as with -exec. True if the user responds yes and cmd exits with status 0,
    106 false otherwise.
    107 .It Fl print
    108 True. Print the path to the current file.
    109 .It Fl newer Ar file
    110 True if the modification time of the current file is newer than that of
    111 the provided file.
    112 .It Fl depth
    113 True. Causes find to evaluate files within in a directory before the
    114 directory itself.
    115 .El
    116 .Ss Operators
    117 In order of decreasing precedence
    118 .Bl -tag -width Ds
    119 .It Ar \&( expression \&)
    120 True if expression is true.
    121 .It Ar \&! expression
    122 True if expression if false.
    123 .It Ar expression [ Fl a ] Ar expression
    124 True if both expressions are true. Second expression is not evaluated
    125 if first expression is false.
    126 .Fl a
    127 is implied if there is no operator between primaries.
    128 .It Ar expression Fl o Ar expression
    129 True if either expression is true. Second expression is not evaluated
    130 if first expression is true.
    131 .El
    132 .Pp
    133 If no expression is supplied, -print is used. If an expression is supplied
    134 but none of -print, -exec, or -ok is supplied, then -a -print is appended
    135 to the expressions.