FTDI serial communication program
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2013-12-12 12:16No need to mention this twicesin1+0-1
2013-12-12 12:15Bump up to v0.6sin1+1-1
2013-12-12 12:15Remove -l and -d flags - you can just use -v and -p instead.sin2+5-70
2013-12-12 11:55Rename loop() to txrxloop()sin1+2-2
2013-12-12 11:49Bump up to v0.5sin1+1-1
2013-12-12 11:48Update READMEsin1+2-2
2013-12-12 11:44Error out on ftdi_write_data() failuressin1+8-2
2013-12-11 12:22Restart in case of EINTRsin1+2-0
2013-12-11 12:10__* is reserved for the implementationsin1+2-2
2013-12-11 12:09Print the program name as wellsin1+1-1
2013-12-11 12:04Bump up to v0.4sin1+1-1
2013-12-10 11:16Add info about brltty in READMEsin1+3-0
2013-11-21 19:50Default to $(PREFIX)/man for the manpagesin1+1-2
2013-11-18 10:59Print a newline upon successful terminationsin1+1-0
2013-11-18 10:56Bump version number to v0.3sin1+1-1
2013-11-16 18:11Replace fprintf() calls with enprintf()sin1+26-25
2013-11-16 18:00Remove strlcpy()sin3+1-18
2013-11-16 17:57No need to enforce C99 compliancesin1+1-1
2013-11-16 17:52Use sigaction() instead of signal()sin1+6-1
2013-11-16 17:44Add comment about the location of the manpage for OpenBSDsin1+1-0
2013-11-16 14:30Don't print a newline when we restore the ttysin1+0-1
2013-11-16 14:14Query for _PC_VDISABLE and fallback to zero if neededsin1+11-1
2013-11-16 14:02Check if stdin is indeed referring to a terminalsin1+3-0
2013-11-16 12:27Rename `saved_tio' to `savedtio'sin1+3-3
2013-11-16 11:15Print vid and pid when we fail to open the devicesin1+2-2
2013-11-16 10:01No need to use memcpy() to save the tty statesin1+1-2
2013-11-15 15:29Fix grammar in manpagesin1+1-1
2013-11-15 15:21Update README on usagesin1+14-0
2013-11-15 14:36Bump up version to 0.2sin1+1-1
2013-11-15 14:35Restore tty setup before printing errorsin1+1-0
2013-11-15 14:35Register signal handler before tty setupsin1+1-1
2013-11-15 14:30Don't buffer, it is more coolsin1+1-1
2013-11-15 14:12Update manpage to mention the break keysin1+1-1
2013-11-15 14:08Justify READMEsin1+7-7
2013-11-15 14:04Add manpagesin3+34-0
2013-11-15 13:51Remove useless filessin7+0-168
2013-11-15 13:43Free devlist and contextsin1+2-0
2013-11-15 13:11Update READMEsin1+4-0
2013-11-15 12:37Do not default to a debug buildsin1+1-1
2013-11-15 12:36Fix building on OpenBSDsin1+2-2
2013-11-15 12:32Fix format of read errorsin1+2-2
2013-11-15 12:31No need to include libusbsin1+0-1
2013-11-15 12:26Add READMEsin1+8-0
2013-11-15 12:25Print the break key so the user knows how to exitsin1+2-0
2013-11-15 12:22No need to register SIGINT handlersin1+0-1
2013-11-15 12:11Initial commitsin14+605-0