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Rework manpage

Include the recent parameter-changes and be more concise what we're talking
What's left to do is to include the given examples in an EXAMPLE-section
(including the examples given in the README).

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diff --git a/ratox.1 b/ratox.1 @@ -8,121 +8,115 @@ .Nm .Op Fl 4 | Fl 6 .Op Fl E | Fl e -.Op Fl tp +.Op Fl T | Fl t +.Op Fl P | Fl p .Op Ar savefile .Sh DESCRIPTION .Nm -is a client implementation of the rather popular tox protocol. -Unlike other clients relying on GUIs as an interface to the user, ratox is -developed with the UNIX-philosophy in mind and allows complete -interaction through FIFOs. +is a client implementation of the tox protocol providing only FIFOs, files +and folders as interfaces. .Sh OPTIONS .Bl -tag -width Ds -.It Fl 4 -Switch to IPv4-only mode. This is the default. -.It Fl 6 -Switch to IPv6-only mode. -.It Fl E -Enable save file encryption. -.It Fl e -Disable save file encryption. -.It Fl t -Enable TCP mode. By default, tox operates with UDP and is recommended, as TCP mode implies certain security considerations. -.It Fl p -Enable TCP SOCKS5 proxy as specified in \fIconfig.h\fR when the package was built. -By default when this option is enabled, ratox will use a proxy on \fB127.0.0.1:8080\fR. +.It Fl 4 6 +Use IPv4/IPv6 only. +.It Fl E e +Enable/Disable save file encryption. +.It Fl T t +Enable/Disable TCP mode. Avoiding UDP in tox implies certain security +considerations. +.It Fl P p +Enable/Disable TCP SOCKS5 proxy as specified in \fIconfig.h\fR. .It Ar savefile -Specify the path of the save file to load a profile from or create a new one at. +Path of the file to load a profile from or create a new one in. .El .Sh CONFIGURATION .Nm -is configured by modifying \fIconfig.h\fR and recompiling the code. Apart from -the command line options there are a few more options that can be tweaked at compile -time. +is configured with \fIconfig.h\fR at compile-time. Apart from command line +options and other parameters it contains the list of DHT-nodes. .Pp -You can encrypt/decrypt your save file by setting \fBencryptsavefile\fR to \fB1\fR | \fB0\fR or -specifying -.Fl E -| -.Fl e -respectively. In the former case it will prompt you for a new passphrase, in the latter it will ask you to enter your current passphrase and will then write the save file unencrypted. -.Pp -Trying to load or decrypt an encrypted save file, +If there is a mismatch between save file status and encryption setting, .Nm -will ask you to supply a passphrase. -.Sh FILESYSTEM STRUCTURE +writes the save file according to the latter. +.Sh INTERFACE +A \fIslot\fR is a set of FIFOs, files and folders interfacing a single +parameter. The set of slots makes up the \fIinterface\fR. .Ss Global slots -Each of the following global slots contain an \fBin\fR, \fBout\fR and -\fBerr\fR file or directory respectively. Piping data into the \fBin\fR FIFO -modifies the state of the respective slot. If any output is expected it will -be found by reading \fBout\fR. Errors are reported via \fBerr\fR. +Global slots are folders containing an \fBin\fR FIFO, \fBout\fR and +\fBerr\fR file or directory respectively. +The slot parameter is set by piping data to \fBin\fR and accessed +with \fBout\fR. Any errors are reported in \fBerr\fR. .Pp -.Bl -tag -width xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -.It Ar name/in -Change the name. -.It Ar name/out -Contains the current name. -.It Ar nospam/in -Change the nospam value. -.It Ar nospam/out -Contains the current nospam. -.It Ar state/in -Change the user state. Possible values are \fBnone\fR, -\fBaway\fR and \fBbusy\fR. -.It Ar state/out -Contains the current user state. -.It Ar status/in -Change the status message. -.It Ar status/out -Contains the current status message. -.It Ar request/in -Initiate a friend request by echoing your friend's tox-id to the input FIFO. -.It Ar request/out/<tox-id> -Echo \fB1\fR or \fB0\fR to accept or reject the friend request respectively. +.Bl -tag -width xxxxxxxxxxxxx +.It Ar name/ +Name slot. +.It Ar nospam/ +Nospam slot (8 digit hexadecimal). +.It Ar state/ +State slot (none | away | busy). +.It Ar status/ +Status message slot. +.It Ar request/ +Request slot. Send a friend request by piping the Tox ID to \fBin\fR. Incoming +requests are listed as FIFOs in \fBout/\fR. Echo \fB1\fR | \fB0\fR to +accept | reject them. .El .Ss Friend slots -Friend slots allow you to communicate with your friends. They handle sending -text messages, files or starting a voice call. +Each friend is represented with a folder in the base-directory named after +their Tox ID without its nospam-value. Each folder contains slots to +interface with the friend. .Pp -.Bl -tag -width xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +.Bl -tag -width xxxxxxxxxxxxx .It Ar call_in -Initiate a call by attaching an audio source to this FIFO. For example -arecord -r 48000 -c 1 -f S16_LE > \fBcall_in\fR. +Initiate a call by piping data to this FIFO. .It Ar call_out -Answer an incoming call by piping it into an audio sink. For example -aplay -r 48000 -c 1 -f S16_LE < \fBcall_out\fR. +Answer an incoming call by opening it for reading. .It Ar call_state -Reports the call state, possible values are \fBnone\fR, \fBpending\fR -and \fBactive\fR. +Reports the call state (\fBnone\fR | \fBpending\fR | \fBactive\fR). +.El + +The sample format is \fBmono signed 16-bit little +endian at 48kHz\fR. +The call is \fBterminated\fR if +.Nm +receives both an EPIPE trying to read from call_in +and ENXIO trying to open call_out for writing. +.Pp +.Bl -tag -width xxxxxxxxxxxxx .It Ar file_in -Initiate a file transfer. For example cat file > \fBfile_in\fR. +Initiate a file transfer by piping data to this FIFO. .It Ar file_out -Accept an incoming file transfer. For example cat \fBfile_out\fR -> file. +Accept an incoming file transfer by opening it for reading. .It Ar file_pending -Contains the filename if transfer is pending, empty otherwise. +Contains the incoming filename if transfer is pending, empty otherwise. +.El + +Given +.Nm +can't know how much data a given pipe is going to provide, it +will send until the pipe is drained or EPIPE received. +That's why it's possible to stream arbitrary data, including +audio and video transmissions, even to other clients. +.Pp +.Bl -tag -width xxxxxxxxxxxxx .It Ar name -The friend's name. +Contains the friend's name. .It Ar online -It is \fB1\fR if the friend is online, \fB0\fR otherwise. +Contains the friend's online status (\fB1\fR | \fB0\fR). .It Ar remove -Echo \fB1\fR to remove a friend. +Echo \fB1\fR to remove the friend. .It Ar state -The friend's user state. Possible values are \fBnone\fR, -\fBaway\fR and \fBbusy\fR. +Contains the friend's state (\fBnone\fR | \fBaway\fR | \fBbusy\fR) .It Ar status -The friend's status message. +Contains the friend's status message. .It Ar text_in -Send a text message to the friend by echoing data to this -FIFO. +Send a text message by piping data to this FIFO. .It Ar text_out -Receive text messages from the friend by reading from this -file. For example tail -f \fBtext_out\fR. +Contains text messages from the friend. .El .Ss Misc files .Bl -tag -width xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .It Ar id -Contains your tox-id. +Contains your Tox ID. .El .Sh AUTHORS .Nm