FIFO based tox client
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2022-11-21 13:43Strictly follow BRE to generate nodes.hWilly Goiffon1+1-1
2022-09-04 07:30Skip ipv6 only nodes when ipv6 is disabledWilly Goiffon2+2-2
2019-03-02 22:09Remove nodes.h - auto updates on buildzradosłav1+0-198
2019-03-02 22:05Fix typosin1+1-1
2019-02-14 16:08Updated license year.pranomostro1+3-3
2018-09-07 18:28Update contact info in READMEsin1+1-2
2018-07-05 20:28Updated nodes.h.pranomostro1+27-146
2018-03-06 09:43Update to the new API (v0.2.0).pranomostro1+3-3
2018-02-26 15:21Import updated arg.h from the suckless crowd.pranomostro1+42-56
2018-02-11 00:29Updated nodes, fixed libraries. No solution for the hanging-up crash yet, though. :(pranomostro2+107-72
2017-11-09 11:18Simplified unnecessary switch statement.pranomostro1+11-15
2017-08-21 17:42Added link to tuntox.pranomostro1+3-0
2017-08-21 17:38Revert "Remove dysfunctional example from the manpage."pranomostro1+14-0
2017-08-20 00:09Remove dysfunctional example from the manpage.pranomostro1+0-14
2017-07-09 11:42Clarified error message for missing flag.pranomostro1+1-1
2017-07-09 11:39Make the behaviour symetric.pranomostro1+13-4
2017-07-08 21:53Print own messages to FTEXT_OUT.pranomostro1+7-0
2017-06-28 12:28Bump to 0.4pranomostro1+3-3
2017-06-03 18:31Add argument to %s substitution, check lseek return value, simplify error code.pranomostro1+5-2
2017-06-03 17:58Add connecting to tcp relays by default.pranomostro3+97-85
2017-05-20 17:57Update nodes.hpranomostro1+24-24
2017-05-16 08:19Update contributor email in the LICENSE.pranomostro1+1-1
2017-05-15 10:35Major error message overhaul.pranomostro1+26-26
2017-05-15 10:01Fix indentation mistake.pranomostro1+1-1
2017-05-15 10:00Now writing more errors to gslots.pranomostro1+29-8
2017-05-15 09:43Update API so that conf/in accepts flags for the conference type.pranomostro3+22-9
2017-05-14 21:51Updated email address to posteo.netpranomostro1+1-1
2017-05-14 15:43Updated email address.pranomostro1+1-1
2017-05-11 07:25Remove recursive make call, simplify the building process.pranomostro1+2-6
2017-05-10 08:05Beautify the headers in the Makefile.pranomostro1+8-1
2017-05-09 13:09Update nodes.h.pranomostro1+39-45
2017-03-10 13:32Implement quiet modesin3+11-3
2017-03-10 14:50Updated contribution years for sin.pranomostro1+1-1
2017-03-10 14:28Manpage fixessin1+17-21
2017-03-10 13:52Update links in READMEsin1+3-3
2017-03-05 14:03Updated author names in the man-page.pranomostro1+3-1
2017-03-05 00:40Fix obtaining of friend status while creating friend.pranomostro1+2-1
2017-03-05 00:32Update docs and fix minor code issue:pranomostro2+12-4
2017-03-04 00:47Update license with the two recent maintainers of ratox.pranomostro1+2-0
2017-03-03 14:39Merge branch 'toktok'.pranomostro5+539-61
2017-03-03 14:12Now aborting when invited to audio conferences.pranomostro1+6-1
2017-03-03 12:31Small fixes.pranomostro1+9-11
2017-03-02 21:39Explicitely list all libs in LDLIBSz3bra2+3-2
2017-03-02 21:37Write call state to the FCALL_STATE filez3bra1+3-0
2017-03-02 21:37Reset INCOMPLETE flag when closing FCALL_INz3bra1+1-0
2017-03-02 21:37Add logmsg() when call goes from RINGING to TRANSMITTINGz3bra1+2-0
2017-03-02 21:36Always append FCALL_IN when in a callz3bra1+7-4
2017-02-17 18:09Fix warnings.pranomostro1+20-12
2017-02-17 11:48Add ability to toggle message logging to stdout in config.h.pranomostro2+7-1
2017-02-16 19:50Update documentation with group-chats.pranomostro3+38-2
2017-02-16 19:29Added ability to change the title of a conference.pranomostro1+29-10
2017-02-16 19:08Finish conferences that can be left, joined, and used for sending messages.pranomostro1+70-6
2017-02-16 12:22Free invite structures after accepting.pranomostro1+2-0
2017-02-11 00:00Remove unnecessary include.pranomostro1+0-2
2017-02-10 20:55Add handling of joining conferences in loop().pranomostro1+49-6
2017-01-13 16:25Added implementations for the different conference callbacks.pranomostro1+46-5
2017-01-13 13:20Removed check from .PHONY targets in makefile.pranomostro1+1-1
2017-01-13 13:14Incorporated changes from master.pranomostro1+7-7
2017-01-13 11:45Update nodes.pranomostro1+45-39
2017-02-16 21:37Update nodes.pranomostro1+47-47
2017-01-13 13:19Updated nodes and added .PHONY target to makefile.pranomostro2+41-33
2017-01-13 13:16Whitespace fix.pranomostro1+1-1
2017-01-13 11:47Remove FOLDER in enum.pranomostro1+1-1
2017-01-13 11:15Removed unneeded whitespace.pranomostro1+0-2
2017-01-13 10:54Remove conference slots as well. Fix some naming.pranomostro1+25-11
2017-01-12 14:02Sync readpassphrase(3) with OpenBSD 6.0 sourcessin1+54-58
2017-01-12 14:02Sync readpassphrase(3) with OpenBSD 6.0 sourcessin1+54-58
2016-12-30 23:53Begin writing functions for the invitation callback.pranomostro1+95-12
2016-12-29 14:47Merge branch 'toktok' of git.z3bra.org:ratox into toktokpranomostro0+0-0
2016-12-29 14:45Fixed removal of conference directories and files.pranomostro1+61-12
2016-12-23 13:25Removed tests, updated version number.pranomostro7+1-107
2016-12-17 12:22Update the tests so that they send multiple messages and files and also change the names and statuses.pranomostro2+24-3
2016-12-15 16:43Make tests faster by not starting three different sessions after each other.pranomostro5+11-27
2016-12-15 13:49Add tests for ratox, importing z3bra's tests.pranomostro6+108-0
2016-12-05 15:53Bump to 0.3pranomostro1+1-1
2016-12-05 12:24Fix typo in error message, update nodes.hpranomostro2+19-19
2016-12-05 12:20Fix possible NULL memcpy() after allocating data.pranomostro1+5-5
2016-12-02 10:30Check data for being NULL instead of intermediate, we did that already.pranomostro1+1-1
2016-12-02 10:09Fix issue with endianness in confcreate().pranomostro1+3-1
2016-12-02 10:08Merge branch 'toktok' of git.z3bra.org:ratox into toktokpranomostro1+1-3
2016-12-01 19:42Data model and adding function for conferences.pranomostro1+106-1
2016-12-01 21:43Remove the return value from friendcreate()pranomostro1+4-6
2016-12-01 19:42Data model and adding function for conferences.pranomostro1+104-1
2016-11-28 14:36Remove converting nospam values because toxcore does that for us now.pranomostro1+2-4
2016-11-28 14:25Update to the toktok API.pranomostro1+11-11
2016-11-25 17:09Make ringing delay checks simplerz3bra1+4-5
2016-11-25 17:02Discard sending of the avatar picturesz3bra1+6-0
2016-11-25 16:43nodegen: Keep only online nodes (.last_ping > 0)z3bra2+15-129
2016-11-25 16:29Cancel calls ringing longer than RINGINGDELAYz3bra1+10-2
2016-11-25 15:22Hang up only when we're in TRANSMITTING modez3bra1+1-1
2016-11-25 07:13Fix accepting friend requestsz3bra1+5-5
2016-11-24 22:15Fix tests against friend call statez3bra1+1-1
2016-11-24 21:36Let the caller hang up while call is ringingz3bra1+15-25
2016-11-24 17:06Allocate resources for outgoing call when neededz3bra1+17-9
2016-11-23 09:59Make sending only a newline succeed (patch by z3bra).pranomostro1+1-1
2016-11-23 09:52Adjust the types of a few variables where it makes sense, mostly in regard to comparisons between signed and unsigned integers.pranomostro1+6-5
2016-11-22 16:56Fix issue that prevents correct sending of INCOMPLETE buffers.pranomostro1+1-1
2016-11-22 07:13Use ternary to prevent passing negative size to fiforead()z3bra1+3-3
2016-11-22 07:13Remove noisy logmsg() / Fix grammarz3bra1+2-5
2016-11-21 19:46Discard buffer if size is bigger than expected sizez3bra1+4-7
2016-11-21 12:52Make sure call is only canceled oncez3bra1+22-17
2016-11-19 10:02Reduce time between sample sendingz3bra1+2-2
2016-11-18 22:29Get audio call to work properlyz3bra1+10-8
2016-11-18 22:29Fixed issue preventing the user to answer callsz3bra1+1-1
2016-11-17 23:18Update style for if() conditionsz3bra1+4-4
2016-11-17 23:16Update audio parameters for the new APIz3bra1+43-22
2016-11-17 23:10Add a RINGING state for callsz3bra1+18-15
2016-11-14 07:39Remove toxcore submodulez3bra2+0-4
2016-11-14 07:38Revert "Compile against local toxcore submodule"z3bra3+7-14
2016-11-10 15:41Updated nodes.h, small fixes in loop().pranomostro2+62-61
2016-11-10 13:11Express AUDIOBITRATE in kb/sz3bra1+1-1
2016-11-10 12:51Retrieve/Send nospam value as little-endianz3bra1+3-3
2016-11-09 23:04Remove useless call to FD_CLR()z3bra1+0-17
2016-11-09 09:36Fix nospam value endiannessz3bra1+6-4
2016-11-08 22:39Ensure calls are answered properlyz3bra1+4-6
2016-11-08 20:46Get rid of 'chunksz' attribute in transfer structz3bra1+1-3
2016-11-08 20:40Handle file transfer in multiple chunksz3bra1+17-12
2016-11-08 16:48Various cases of code cleanup:pranomostro1+23-38
2016-11-08 12:43Update toxcore to the latest versionz3bra0+0-0
2016-11-04 18:24Accomodate file transfer callbacks to the new APIz3bra1+0-1
2016-11-08 14:43Mark transfer as complete as soon as chunk len is 0z3bra1+13-15
2016-11-08 14:01Fix argument passing order of tox_pass_decrypt.pranomostro1+1-1
2016-11-08 13:58Pass file number to tox_file_control()z3bra1+7-4
2016-11-08 12:42Monitor friends connected either via TCP or UDPz3bra1+1-1
2016-11-08 12:35Convert ID string using TOX_PUBLIC_KEY_SIZEz3bra1+1-1
2016-11-08 09:01Use av.state to check the current call statez3bra1+6-13
2016-11-08 09:00Prevent memcpy'ing to a non-allocated memory areaz3bra1+2-2
2016-11-07 20:38Change cbcalldata() to match new APIz3bra1+6-5
2016-11-07 20:37Merge all call state changes in cbcallstate()z3bra1+20-73
2016-11-07 12:59Added cbcallstate to deal with call changesz3bra1+22-5
2016-11-07 07:47Setup callback to answer audio callsz3bra1+14-47
2016-11-05 14:24Remove unused cooldown/lastblock fields from transfer structz3bra1+0-1
2016-11-05 14:14Implement chunk_request callback for file transferz3bra1+43-3
2016-11-04 18:24Accomodate file transfer callbacks to the new APIz3bra1+3-43
2016-11-05 14:24Remove unused cooldown/lastblock fields from transfer structz3bra1+1-22
2016-11-05 14:14Implement chunk_request callback for file transferz3bra1+48-66
2016-11-04 18:24Accomodate file transfer callbacks to the new APIz3bra1+34-40
2016-11-03 17:40Small updates to some tox functions, mostly regarding dealing with the return value properly.pranomostro1+17-15
2016-11-03 16:17Updated three more callbacks.pranomostro1+10-10
2016-11-03 11:00Update three callbacks, update handling of user id's size (now public key sizes).pranomostro1+23-18
2016-11-03 09:35Cast const uint8_t* to to void * for freeing, fix one memory access on empty friend request messages, fix dataload() bug and update user status.pranomostro1+5-2
2016-11-02 17:39Fix getter/setter usagez3bra1+22-18
2016-11-02 15:16Change getters/setters to match the new APIz3bra1+22-22
2016-11-02 14:53Refactor dataload() and datasave().pranomostro1+27-21
2016-11-02 14:27Refactored dataload().pranomostro2+30-21
2016-11-02 12:54Update Tox_Options fields namez3bra1+4-4
2016-11-02 11:46Ditch error reporting in tox_pass_decrypt()z3bra1+1-1
2016-11-02 11:21Discard error reporting in tox_new()z3bra1+1-1
2016-11-02 11:18Pass global toxav struct to make callsz3bra1+3-3
2016-11-02 07:53Get rid of old ToxAvCSettings and use constants insteadz3bra2+12-15
2016-11-02 07:38Fix AV buffer signednessz3bra1+1-1
2016-11-02 07:35Rename tox*_do to tox*_iteratez3bra1+2-2
2016-11-01 21:57Make use of audio default settingsz3bra1+0-1
2016-11-01 21:37Rename _do_interval to _interval_iterationz3bra1+1-1
2016-11-01 21:57Make use of audio default settingsz3bra1+5-5
2016-11-01 21:21Make ToxAV/Tox_Options a structz3bra1+4-4
2016-11-01 21:11Ditch TOX_FRIEND_ADDRESS_SIZEz3bra1+5-5
2016-11-01 08:16Replace toxav_send_audio with toxav_audio_send_framez3bra2+14-13
2016-10-31 23:41Update file control constant and flowz3bra1+28-30
2016-10-31 23:23Update status length constant namez3bra1+3-3
2016-10-31 23:22Rename CLIENT_ID to ADDRESS in constantsz3bra1+8-8
2016-10-31 23:21Update user status constantsz3bra1+4-5
2016-10-31 23:20Update friend request message constantsz3bra1+8-8
2016-10-31 22:59Load data into Tox_Option structurez3bra1+10-3
2016-11-01 21:57Update toxcore to the new_apiz3bra0+0-0
2016-11-02 08:56Add generating nodes from the available nodes.tox.chat API.pranomostro5+401-137
2016-10-31 20:25Compile against local toxcore submodulez3bra3+14-7
2016-10-31 20:23Make irungentoo/toxcore a submodulez3bra2+4-0
2016-10-31 16:58Add missing variable for weprintf conversion.pranomostro1+1-1
2015-02-08 19:29Bump up to 0.2.1sin1+1-1
2015-01-04 15:47ratox.1: fix mandoc warningsHiltjo Posthuma1+0-6
2015-01-06 21:38Implement proxy functionality as desiredFRIGN3+4-9
2015-01-06 21:19Quick fix for API-changeFRIGN1+1-1
2014-12-25 20:35Update link to OS/X patchsin1+1-1
2014-12-25 18:11ratox.1: use author name and mailto macroHiltjo Posthuma1+2-3
2014-12-25 18:10ratox.1: fix alignment for mandoc -Tpdf and htmlHiltjo Posthuma1+5-5
2014-12-24 10:55Rework manpageFRIGN1+76-82
2014-12-24 10:54Change the command line parameters to reflect the config.def.h-changesFRIGN1+8-2
2014-12-23 22:17Add ipv6-, tcp- and proxy-mode to config.def.hFRIGN2+14-14
2014-12-23 18:15Update LICENSEsin1+1-1
2014-12-23 15:48Properly align tables as wellsin1+10-10
2014-12-23 13:37Align globals and local variablessin1+66-62
2014-12-23 12:22Fix indentation and alignmentsin1+80-80
2014-12-16 21:22Update READMEsin1+1-1
2014-12-16 16:27Update README with mailing list infosin1+2-2
2014-12-11 17:22Simplify commentssin1+6-9
2014-12-11 17:17Indent with tabs and align with spacessin1+103-103
2014-12-09 12:10Refine config.def.h a bitFRIGN1+10-3
2014-12-08 19:50Add ability to specify save file as command line argumentFRIGN3+41-27
2014-12-08 11:25Rework some of the log-warningsFRIGN1+11-11
2014-12-08 10:49Proceed with cleanupFRIGN1+31-36
2014-12-08 10:06Guard FD_APPEND with a do { } while(0)sin1+10-10
2014-12-07 19:49Begin cleanup according to style(9)FRIGN1+126-164
2014-12-07 15:52Bump version to 0.2sin1+1-1
2014-12-07 12:00Re-prompt passphrase when creating a new encrypted saveFRIGN1+29-11
2014-12-07 11:02Remove SEE ALSO section from manpagesin1+0-2
2014-12-05 18:05Update LICENSE and AUTHORS section in manpagesin2+4-4
2014-12-05 17:41Fix wording in manpagesin1+7-7
2014-12-05 17:36Add -E and -e to enable and disable data file encryptionsin2+20-7
2014-12-01 16:09Do not handle SIGABRT - let it terminate the process immediatelysin1+0-1
2014-12-01 16:07Underline references to filessin1+1-1
2014-12-01 16:02Add info about `id' file to manpagesin1+5-0
2014-12-01 16:00Update manpagesin1+106-73
2014-12-01 15:19Increase connection delay to 4 secondssin1+1-1
2014-12-01 15:18Do the datasave() as early as possible in shutdown()sin1+2-2
2014-12-01 15:04Save data file on receipt of a deadly signalsin1+2-0
2014-12-01 13:01Update TODOsin1+0-3
2014-11-30 19:30Update list of nodessin1+81-21
2014-11-30 17:14Connect to nodes in a random order to minimize load on any given nodesin1+12-1
2014-11-30 16:53Update TODOsin1+2-0
2014-11-29 22:01Adapt to latest cleanup in APIFRIGN1+1-1
2014-11-28 09:59Fix stylesin1+2-1
2014-11-27 22:05Don't lock up on blocking call_outFRIGN1+1-5
2014-11-26 20:38Fit ratox to new toxav-APIFRIGN1+21-14
2014-11-01 10:41Don't assume mono-audio in defaultsFRIGN1+2-1
2014-10-24 13:30Use (none, pending, active) instead of (0, 1, 2)sin2+5-5
2014-10-24 13:21Rename .ratox.data to .ratox.tox to comply with STSsin1+1-1
2014-10-23 19:51Add double spacing between sections in READMEsin1+7-0
2014-10-23 18:16Add screencasting examplesin1+13-0
2014-10-23 17:28Add an examples section in the READMEsin1+17-0
2014-10-18 11:01Refactor logic in main-loop for pending calls even moreFRIGN1+26-47
2014-10-17 20:57Don't forget to queue call_out while incoming ringingFRIGN1+11-0
2014-10-17 16:28Indentation fixessin1+5-5
2014-10-17 12:31Refactor call-state managementFRIGN1+118-104
2014-10-16 21:58Remove ugly use of O_DIRECTORYsin1+0-4
2014-10-16 18:50CleanupFRIGN1+14-24
2014-10-15 11:36Remember to cool down the transfer for pending buffers as wellsin1+2-1
2014-10-15 11:29Only complain if errno is not EWOULDBLOCKsin1+2-1
2014-10-15 09:24Only call toxav_kill_transmission() after toxav_prepare_transmission()sin1+1-1
2014-10-15 08:54Update READMEsin1+1-1
2014-10-15 08:51Build with -g so users can provide meaningful backtracessin1+2-2
2014-10-14 16:48Fortify and optimize file-sendingFRIGN1+36-3
2014-10-13 20:35Change the state-filesFRIGN1+36-31
2014-10-13 19:54Only send call-data when Tx transmission is readyFRIGN1+18-24
2014-10-13 17:09Fortify error-checks and FSMFRIGN1+60-35
2014-10-12 21:07Finish cleaning up av-callbacksFRIGN1+19-32
2014-10-12 17:14Further simplify call-start-callbacksFRIGN1+8-29
2014-10-12 13:55Use (void *userdata) in callbacks and drop ringing-callbackFRIGN1+8-72
2014-10-12 11:21Fix vertical spacingsin1+0-5
2014-10-12 11:12We might eventually have logerr() and logwarn()sin1+45-45
2014-10-12 10:14tox_is_data_encrypted() was renamed to tox_is_save_encrypted()sin1+1-1
2014-10-12 09:31Add stricter error-checkingFRIGN1+99-25
2014-10-10 14:48Add link to patch in README for building on OSXsin1+3-1
2014-10-10 10:00Don't spin on request/out/<ID> if we echo anything other than '0' or '1'sin1+5-1
2014-10-09 10:30Add kytv to LICENSE for contributing the manpagesin1+1-0
2014-10-09 10:27Add nospam/ to manpagesin1+1-1
2014-10-09 10:23Use NSIG instead of _NSIGsin1+3-3
2014-10-08 21:42Fix request- and friend-managementFRIGN1+18-3
2014-10-08 20:00Style fixsin1+4-3
2014-10-08 19:52Don't close a random fdsin1+6-4
2014-10-08 19:24Do a toxav_hangup() like we do elsewheresin1+1-1
2014-10-08 18:42Fix file-transferssin1+23-21
2014-10-08 18:14Check outfiles if they are still openFRIGN1+25-4
2014-10-08 13:57Update READMEsin1+12-2
2014-10-08 13:49Update READMEsin1+27-20
2014-10-08 13:42Update READMEsin1+1-1
2014-10-08 13:41Update READMEsin2+3-3
2014-10-08 13:40Update READMEsin1+49-47
2014-10-08 13:12Check if the call id is valid before cancelling itsin1+1-1
2014-10-08 13:07Fix build on kfreebsdKill Your TV1+4-0
2014-10-08 13:06Add -lrt to LDFLAGSsin1+1-1
2014-10-08 13:05Manpage updatesin1+2-3
2014-10-08 13:03Rework state management for audio callssin1+25-49
2014-10-08 10:43Add manpagesin2+86-2
2014-10-08 00:26A bit more consistent output messagesin1+1-1
2014-10-08 00:24Implement peer timeoutsin1+12-3
2014-10-08 00:20Increase ringing delaysin1+1-1
2014-10-08 00:19Update TODOsin1+1-0
2014-10-08 00:16Release call resources with toxav_kill_transmission()sin1+6-0
2014-10-08 00:03Remove debug printf()sin1+0-1
2014-10-07 15:36Simplify user state trackingsin1+11-14
2014-10-07 15:18Refactor user-state-logicFRIGN1+20-21
2014-10-07 10:56Rename ustatus to ustatesin1+11-11
2014-10-07 10:55Correctly inform external scripts of an invalid user statesin1+12-3
2014-10-07 10:31Add support for changing the user state and reporting friend's user statesin1+75-6
2014-10-07 01:13Allocate enough memory to allow copying all the friendssin1+1-1
2014-10-07 00:49Revert accidental modification to config.mksin1+2-2
2014-10-07 00:48Send the actual message when initiating the friend requestsin1+1-1
2014-10-07 00:43Fix possible stack corruption when parsing friend IDssin2+18-9
2014-10-07 00:01Reset fd offset when writing outsin1+13-0
2014-10-06 10:57Nuke leading spacesin1+1-1
2014-10-06 10:54Reset state after hangupsin1+1-0
2014-10-06 10:32Re-order function declssin1+1-1
2014-10-06 09:50Allow to attach aplay after we've initiated a callsin1+2-3
2014-10-05 20:46Factor out check for NULL framesin1+2-3
2014-10-05 20:43Allow simultaneous tx/rx callsin1+19-9
2014-10-05 20:36Clean up calls on shutdownsin1+4-2
2014-10-05 20:31Properly hang up initiating callssin1+0-4
2014-10-05 19:01Fix timing issueFRIGN1+2-2
2014-10-05 18:08Fix units (us -> ms)FRIGN1+2-2
2014-10-05 14:02Style fixsin1+2-1
2014-10-05 10:33Add sample-timer for callsFRIGN1+34-11
2014-10-04 10:22Update READMEsin1+1-1
2014-10-04 09:58Minor stylistic changessin1+4-5
2014-10-04 09:47Add initial outgoing call-supportFRIGN2+134-14
2014-10-03 22:55Bring connection delay down to 3ssin1+1-1
2014-10-03 22:24Default to 0666 permssin1+7-7
2014-10-03 16:04Up max calls to 8 after discussion with other tox developerssin1+1-1
2014-10-03 16:04Clarify semanticssin1+2-0
2014-10-03 13:02Put configurable stuff in config.def.hsin2+5-5
2014-10-03 12:47Up max number of callssin1+2-1
2014-10-03 12:33Fix broken buildsin1+1-1
2014-10-03 12:20Refactor code and prepare multiple callsFRIGN1+23-25
2014-10-03 11:47Simplify cbcallstarted()sin1+1-16
2014-10-03 11:41Implement cbcallending() to properly reset state when we cancel the callsin1+11-2
2014-10-03 11:33Hangup the call on EPIPEsin1+2-2
2014-10-02 22:43Stop this madnesssin2+3-3
2014-10-02 20:06Actually fill the status message buffer when creating friendssin1+1-1
2014-10-02 09:25Add cancelrxcall()FRIGN1+17-16
2014-10-01 18:10Fix format specifier for printing nospamsin1+1-1
2014-10-01 18:08Use strtoul() instead of strtol()sin1+2-2
2014-10-01 17:50Fix a small issue in setnospam and polish the outputFRIGN1+6-4
2014-10-01 17:23SAVING LOC!sin1+2-4
2014-10-01 17:00Add connection delay enum instead of magic valuesin1+5-1
2014-10-01 16:09Don't use magic numbers :)sin1+1-1
2014-10-01 15:39Receiving calls works!sin1+1-0
2014-10-01 15:29Rename callbacks and group them properlysin1+52-52
2014-10-01 14:58No need to print the write(2) errorsin1+0-1
2014-10-01 14:57Starting fooling around with toxav; work in progresssin2+267-1
2014-10-01 14:41Break after we cancel the rx transfersin1+8-3
2014-10-01 09:20Properly underline section in READMEsin1+1-1
2014-10-01 08:51Update READMEsin1+1-1
2014-09-30 22:01Add nospam-slotFRIGN2+55-9
2014-09-30 16:03Call fiforeset() if we fail to initiate the transfersin1+1-4
2014-09-30 14:43Proper typessin1+2-2
2014-09-30 14:42Be consistent in how we default to the "Anonymous" namesin1+5-3
2014-09-30 14:33Simplify reporting of online statussin1+3-3
2014-09-30 14:28Allow empty namessin1+0-2
2014-09-30 14:19Remove FRIENDNAME macro and refactor codesin1+26-24
2014-09-30 13:41Print filename in file_pendingsin1+8-6
2014-09-30 10:18Add contact info in READMEsin1+6-0
2014-09-29 20:12Staticise fiforeset()sin1+1-1
2014-09-29 19:50Initial release 0.1sin1+1-1
2014-09-29 19:48Define FRIENDNAME-Macro for repetitive idiomFRIGN1+20-30
2014-09-29 19:14Remember volatilesin1+1-1
2014-09-29 19:13BSD style defsin1+2-1
2014-09-29 16:29Small refactor in printrat()FRIGN1+4-4
2014-09-29 16:26Implement fiforeset()FRIGN1+33-42
2014-09-28 23:16Use PIPE_BUF instead of BUFSIZ for fifo readssin1+2-2
2014-09-27 15:58Clear fd status when we are done to avoid double initiationsin1+3-1
2014-09-27 15:38Update READMEsin1+3-3
2014-09-27 15:34Update READMEsin1+59-4
2014-09-27 10:32Unified log-formatFRIGN1+43-40
2014-09-26 17:53Cancel rx transfer if we fail to accept it for whatever reasonsin1+1-2
2014-09-26 16:03No need to open for writingsin1+1-1
2014-09-26 16:02Rename RX/TX to Rx/Txsin1+5-5
2014-09-26 15:57Make stdout unbuffered as early as possiblesin1+2-2
2014-09-26 15:54Just flag the signal, nothing moresin1+3-2
2014-09-26 15:49Default perms for directories should be 0777sin1+2-2
2014-09-26 15:39Fix error messagesin1+1-1
2014-09-26 15:20Style fixsin1+5-0
2014-09-26 15:18More tight error checkingsin1+31-15
2014-09-26 15:10Update READMEsin1+1-4
2014-09-26 15:08Remove implemented items from TODOsin1+0-2
2014-09-26 15:05Replace all perror() with eprintf() callssin1+66-128
2014-09-26 14:55Add eprintf.csin4+88-27
2014-09-26 14:46Check return value of tox_new()sin1+8-0
2014-09-25 14:21Code cleanupFRIGN1+116-121
2014-09-25 11:15Add ratox-rat as ASCII-logoFRIGN1+15-9
2014-09-25 10:15Flag transfer completion by changing statesin1+1-0
2014-09-24 16:28Style fixsin1+2-1
2014-09-24 16:05Use unbuffered stdoutsin1+4-4
2014-09-24 15:22Cancel transfers unconditionally if we lose connectionsin1+2-4
2014-09-24 15:04File transfer fixessin1+5-0
2014-09-24 14:56Cancel transfers when we come back after losing connectivity to the DHTsin1+7-0
2014-09-24 14:43Handle partial writessin1+12-7
2014-09-24 14:13Update TODOsin1+1-0
2014-09-24 14:07Do it in the same order as in cancelrxtransfer()sin1+3-3
2014-09-24 14:01Keep trying to write until we succeedsin1+5-1
2014-09-24 13:46Ignore SIGPIPE and only cancel on EPIPEsin1+3-1
2014-09-24 13:29Only poll the file descriptors we added to the setsin1+17-27
2014-09-24 13:21Split canceltransfer() to cancel{tx,rx}transfer()sin1+21-18
2014-09-24 13:16Inform the user when we cancel pending transferssin1+2-0
2014-09-24 12:57Rename recvfilepending to recvfileactivesin1+5-5
2014-09-24 12:07Cancel pending transferssin1+11-0
2014-09-24 11:57Style fix for commentssin1+13-14
2014-09-24 11:55Add support for receiving filessin2+115-16
2014-09-23 14:29Change license to ISC - equivalent to MIT/Xsin1+11-19
2014-09-23 14:27Style fixsin1+0-1
2014-09-23 14:26Update READMEsin1+2-1
2014-09-23 13:55Cancel transfer first, then remove files (we need the fd)sin1+1-1
2014-09-23 13:42Post a KILL when cancelling transferssin1+3-2
2014-09-23 13:33Remove useless { }sin1+1-2
2014-09-23 13:32Cancel transfers properlysin1+19-13
2014-09-23 13:20Message splitting already workssin1+1-1
2014-09-23 13:13We support utf-8sin1+1-1
2014-09-23 13:06Add section on portabilitysin1+8-0
2014-09-23 13:05We have proxy support, update READMEsin1+1-1
2014-09-23 13:03Add READMEsin1+40-0
2014-09-23 12:40We need to force TCP mode when using the proxysin1+3-0
2014-09-23 12:35Add proxy supportsin2+19-4
2014-09-23 12:20Add TCP modesin2+9-1
2014-09-23 11:03Refactor data-structuresFRIGN1+47-57
2014-09-23 09:56Scream if the datafile has 0 lengthsin1+6-0
2014-09-23 09:01Add TODOsin1+3-0
2014-09-23 08:38Add frienddestroy() and refactor removefriend()sin1+32-25
2014-09-22 22:50Use fsync() on fd in datasave()sin1+1-0
2014-09-22 21:18Refactor removefriend()FRIGN1+14-25
2014-09-22 16:10Add support for removing friendssin1+41-2
2014-09-22 15:26Dump our status message in the status/out file not our nicknamesin1+1-1
2014-09-22 15:15Use number of seconds since epoch as a timestamp for naming files uniquelysin1+5-2
2014-09-22 15:07Use O_RDONLY when opening the datafilesin1+1-1
2014-09-22 15:06Remeber to truncate datafile in datasave() in case it shrinkssin1+1-1
2014-09-22 14:46Change datasave() and localinit() to use fd's instead of fp'sFRIGN1+15-16
2014-09-22 14:22Print message before password promptsin1+2-4
2014-09-22 14:17Refactor dataload()FRIGN1+23-38
2014-09-22 13:16Refactor fifoflush()FRIGN1+10-39
2014-09-22 12:41Style fixsin1+1-1
2014-09-22 12:24Forgot config.def.hsin1+1-1
2014-09-22 12:24Rename encryptsave to encryptdatafilesin1+4-4
2014-09-22 12:20Allow to encrypt a plain text data file and vice versasin1+28-24
2014-09-22 12:06Inform the user if encryption is enabled but the datafile is not encryptedsin1+4-1
2014-09-22 11:58Print a newline between the banner and the restsin1+1-0
2014-09-22 11:26Allow a client with encrypted support to load non-encrypt datafilessin1+9-4
2014-09-22 11:23Just realloc(), don't leak if we get called more than oncesin1+1-1
2014-09-22 11:22Oopssin1+1-1
2014-09-22 11:11Just check p[0]sin1+1-1
2014-09-22 11:10Forbid empty passwords, keep loopingsin1+9-10
2014-09-22 10:57Make sure to report when .ratox.data doesn't match our encryption configsin1+14-9
2014-09-22 10:49Keep asking for password if it doesn't matchsin1+14-10
2014-09-22 10:36Use portable readpassphrase() from OpenSSHsin1+57-47
2014-09-22 10:29Generate config.hsin1+6-2
2014-09-22 10:27Add support for encrypted save filessin6+276-23
2014-09-21 18:32Add IPv6 supportsin1+25-3
2014-09-21 18:27Lay the ground for IPv6 supportsin2+27-14
2014-09-21 18:23Update nodelistsin2+51-53
2014-09-21 09:36Only close file descriptors when they are not -1sin1+20-11
2014-09-21 09:26Add shutdown() for clean exitFRIGN1+65-1
2014-09-20 13:27fiforead() should accept a void * instead of char *sin1+12-10
2014-09-20 13:20Fix off-by-one bugs when calling fiforead()sin1+15-17
2014-09-20 09:25Refactor sendfriendreq()FRIGN1+17-27
2014-09-19 23:40Implement fiforead()FRIGN1+65-116
2014-09-19 15:11Initialize fdmaxsin1+1-0
2014-09-19 15:03Factor out fifoflush() in a separate funcsin1+49-34
2014-09-19 11:39Clear up the enums and fix implicit condition-bugFRIGN1+12-5
2014-09-19 10:54Handle rejected transferssin1+32-0
2014-09-19 10:39Fix PAUSE/RESUME in file transferssin1+13-13
2014-09-19 10:27Add TRANSFER_PAUSED statesin1+36-42
2014-09-19 09:22Inform the user when a transfer is in progresssin1+1-0
2014-09-19 09:09Fix file transfers + texting to use O_RDONLY for FIFOssin1+42-36
2014-09-18 20:27Change global in-fifos from O_RDWR to O_RDONLYFRIGN1+46-15
2014-09-18 15:17Missed some moresin1+4-4
2014-09-18 15:13No need to specify modes, default to 0644 and 0777sin1+16-18
2014-09-18 14:29OUT_F is reserved for the edge-case where we don't know if OUT is a STATIC or FOLDERsin1+7-7
2014-09-18 14:25Print a message when we reject a friend requestsin1+2-0
2014-09-18 14:24Allow the user to reject a friend requestsin1+8-4
2014-09-18 14:06We need O_WRONLY for text_out as wellsin1+6-6
2014-09-18 14:03Remember to ftruncate() before updating the filessin1+6-0
2014-09-18 14:00Remove writeline()sin1+82-95
2014-09-18 11:00We can't use TAILQ_REMOVE inside TAILQ_FOREACHsin1+5-6
2014-09-18 09:22Add fifos for incoming requests and remove cmd-parserFRIGN1+51-155
2014-09-18 09:45Rework file-transferssin1+55-26
2014-09-17 21:09Fix wall of gcc-warningsFRIGN1+2-2
2014-09-17 18:50Rename ratatox to ratoxsin4+1191-1191
2014-09-17 18:03Save state to `.ratatox.data'sin1+1-1
2014-09-17 17:37Fix FIFO crazinesssin1+3-3
2014-09-17 17:35Fix select() spinsin1+4-7
2014-09-17 16:16Ensure proper permissions on request/outsin1+5-4
2014-09-17 16:04Remember to ftruncate() before dprintf()sin1+6-0
2014-09-17 15:53Rework data-structuresFRIGN1+100-43
2014-09-17 10:54It is text_out not textoutsin1+1-1
2014-09-17 10:53Use upper-case when printing IDssin1+2-2
2014-09-16 16:30Catch TOX_FAERR_{BADCHECKSUM,SETNEWNOSPAM}sin1+6-0
2014-09-16 16:17Add FIFO for sending a friend requestsin1+62-44
2014-09-16 15:33Rename functions to keep style consistentsin1+27-27
2014-09-16 15:28Add comment like we do for the name and idsin1+1-0
2014-09-16 15:26Add support for changing the status messagesin1+44-8
2014-09-16 15:15Make writeline() more genericsin1+26-31
2014-09-16 15:04Make callbacks more genericsin1+4-5
2014-09-16 15:01Start using callbacks to make the main loop less uglysin1+38-29
2014-09-16 14:30Name setting and printing the ID are now exposed via the fssin1+121-63
2014-09-16 13:24When initiating a transfer, print the nickname of the friendsin1+2-1
2014-09-16 13:13Print message when transfers startsin1+1-0
2014-09-16 12:53Detect and cleanup stale transferssin1+13-0
2014-09-16 12:45Only monitor FIFOs for friends that are onlinesin1+9-4
2014-09-16 12:33Correctly terminate transferssin1+0-1
2014-09-16 12:30Remember to free the bufferssin1+2-0
2014-09-16 12:26Clean up send_friend_file()sin1+19-16
2014-09-16 12:19Add Laslo Hunhold <dev@frign.de> to LICENSEsin1+1-0
2014-09-16 12:18Correctly inform the user when the transfer is completesin1+6-4
2014-09-16 12:13Only attempt to send a queued transfer when it is pendingsin1+8-6
2014-09-15 22:14Implement file sendingsin1+145-0
2014-09-15 19:47Pass -DVERSION=\"${VERSION}\" and use that when printing the ratsin2+2-2
2014-09-15 19:18Rename printbanner() to printrat()sin1+3-3
2014-09-15 18:00Inform the user of the help cmdsin1+1-0
2014-09-15 17:10Avoid blank nicknames when printingsin1+6-3
2014-09-15 17:06For now print messages on the main screen toosin1+1-0
2014-09-15 16:37Rename bootstrapnode to nodesin2+5-5
2014-09-15 16:31Correctly track connected state variablesin1+1-0
2014-09-15 16:26Add user status callbacksin1+25-3
2014-09-15 16:19Fix messagesin1+1-1
2014-09-15 15:36Rename do*() to cmd*()sin1+15-15
2014-09-15 15:26Add arg.hsin2+67-1
2014-09-15 15:12Add timestamps for incoming messagessin1+5-1
2014-09-15 15:04Fix one more warningsin1+1-1
2014-09-15 15:03Fix more warningssin1+5-5
2014-09-15 14:54Fix warnings and rename blabla() to writeparam()sin1+22-22
2014-09-15 14:48Use EXIT_FAILURE and EXIT_SUCCESSsin1+20-20
2014-09-15 14:45Timestamp some messagessin1+29-14
2014-09-15 14:35Color bannersin1+2-0
2014-09-15 14:33Print bannersin1+14-0
2014-09-15 14:26Remove unused symbolssin2+4-59
2014-09-15 14:21Fix off-by-onesin1+1-1
2014-09-15 14:16Cleanupsin1+25-23
2014-09-15 14:01Create all friend files at load timesin1+16-16
2014-09-15 13:40Create files even if the friend is not yet in our listsin1+12-14
2014-09-15 13:36Squash together retarded conditionalsin1+2-5
2014-09-15 13:31Dump name and statusmsg on conn statussin1+9-0
2014-09-15 13:23friendcreate() should return a pointer to the friendsin1+5-3
2014-09-15 13:18Add wrapper for writing to id/XXX filessin1+37-64
2014-09-15 12:54Add <id>/onlinesin1+22-10
2014-09-15 12:43Rename status file to statusmsgsin1+1-1
2014-09-15 11:53Fix typosin1+1-1
2014-09-15 11:52Save friends toosin1+2-0
2014-09-15 11:27Just a hack for now, strip the training newline if anysin1+2-0
2014-09-15 11:25Don't set a fixed name at init timesin1+0-2
2014-09-15 11:22Touch text_out at init timesin1+10-0
2014-09-15 11:15Add commands to change name and print current IDsin1+45-6
2014-09-15 10:54When we hit an unknown command inform the user of the help commandsin1+1-1
2014-09-15 10:43Errors go to stderrsin1+8-8
2014-09-15 10:39Capitalize string in outputsin1+1-1
2014-09-15 10:38Rename `helpstr' to `usage'sin1+6-6
2014-09-15 10:35Add command infrastructuresin1+320-41
2014-09-13 22:57Dump output to master.out by defaultsin1+32-15
2014-09-13 22:46Add Makefile + config.mk + config.def.hsin4+130-66
2014-09-13 15:38Add LICENSEsin2+22-0
2014-09-13 15:32text_out should be in the same dir as text_insin1+1-2
2014-09-13 15:29Add missing breaksin1+1-0
2014-09-13 14:50Style fixsin1+4-0
2014-09-13 14:48Statically init friend headsin1+1-3
2014-09-13 14:33Rename data file to ratatox.datasin1+5-5
2014-09-13 13:44Initial commitsin2+1189-0