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Document the new tags reading functionality

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -18,9 +18,15 @@ to the program. Enjoy! # Usage - $ musicfix [fake] relid [tracks] - $ musicfix [fake] dump relid [relfile] - $ musicfix [fake] load [relfile] + $ musicfix + Usage: musicfix [fake] relid [tracks] + musicfix [fake] dump relid [relfile] + musicfix [fake] load [relfile] + musicfix [fake] tags [relfile] + +The common path is to just give the release id: + + $ musicfix 1234 More sophisticated track selection can be performed by providing a tracks selector command line argument of the form: @@ -34,7 +40,17 @@ in order to dump information from and/or load the information from file. This way you can generate a base release file, edit to your needs, and then use it for tagging and renaming. The fake prefix on all commands results in no files to be copied/written and no cover -artwork to be downloaded. +artwork to be downloaded. For example: + + $ musicfix dump 1234 + $ musicfix fake load + $ musicfix load + +You may also generate a release file using the existing audio file tags +and use that file instead: + + $ musicfix tags + $ musicfix load The release metadata is saved together with the music files by default, and the load command looks for any YAML files in the current directory