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commit 05d392b30f8c3b2e9ef346e27d5302e031549893
parent 777862ca7f3ce909c7bd5deb2c3d25aba220282e
Author: Hiltjo Posthuma <>
Date:   Mon,  7 Jul 2014 15:12:20 +0000

misc: improve install-slackware

- support i486 (change $release and $url).
- use static i486 binary.
- use readlink, busybox realpath won't work if a symbolic link is

Signed-off-by: Hiltjo Posthuma <>

Mmisc/install-slackware | 45+++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
1 file changed, 27 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

diff --git a/misc/install-slackware b/misc/install-slackware @@ -3,33 +3,37 @@ set -e mirror="" -release="slackware64-current" -url="$mirror/$release/slackware64" +release="slackware64-current" # "slackware-current", "slackware64-current" +url="$mirror/$release/slackware64" # "slackware", "slackware64" filelist="$url/FILE_LIST" pkgtools="pkgtools-14.1-noarch-2.tgz" pkgtoolsurl="$url/a/$pkgtools" -installdir="/ns/slackware-current" -tmpdir="/tmp/slackware" -pkgdir="/tmp/slackware/pkgs" +installdir="/ns/$release" +tmpdir="/tmp/slackware/$release" +pkgdir="$tmpdir/pkgs" # a template file is just a plain-text file with a package per line. templateurl="" templatefile="$tmpdir/template" tar113="$tmpdir/tar-1.13" -tar113url="" -tar113checksum="9f011c843944e03dc56f30f513344ac7f73621da762520370ab4150e26475b1f1f2daec15076fa3e096e78432b51fbc55cda1db66ff7e329b0c6f55d61028d6d tar-1.13" +tar113url="" +tar113checksum="b121b4d03e5ac37fa601f3edf44a80ad1782316442a69372ec1ab33871369780150dffe2d9c67459cbe90ea3ee33a1ea566e57a7b5d63cab08655e2b5220858a tar-1.13" mkdir -p "$tmpdir" cd "$tmpdir" -# get precompiled tar-1.13 required by installpkg (static x86_64 musl binary). +# get precompiled tar-1.13 required by installpkg (static i486 glibc binary). +# NOTE: if you want to build tar-1.13 yourself, the source is available at: +# +# build instructions: +# ./configure --disable-nls; make CC="gcc -static"; strip src/tar; <copy src/tar>. if ! test -f "$tar113"; then - wget "${tar113url}" -O "$tar113" + wget "${tar113url}" -O - | gunzip -c - > "${tar113}" printf '%s' "$tar113checksum" | sha512sum -c - fi -# make sure this tar version is in $PATH and prefered. +# make sure this tar version is in $PATH and preferred. export PATH="${tmpdir}:$PATH" chmod "755" "$tar113" ln -sf "$tar113" "tar" @@ -66,19 +70,24 @@ wget "$filelist" -q -O - | grep -E -o '[^ ]*$' | grep -E '\.(txz|tgz|txt|asc)$' fi done -# install packages. +# install package sets in order. mkdir -p "$installdir" -#cd "$pkgdir" -cat "$templatefile" | while read -r line; do - f=$(find "." -name "$line-*.t?z" | sed 1q) - "$installpkg" --terse --root "$installdir" "$f" +cd "$pkgdir" +for pset in *; do + find "$pset" -name "*.t?z" | while read -r f; do + "$installpkg" --terse --root "$installdir" "$f" + done done # fix symlink references for libs. -cd "$installdir/lib64" +libdir="$installdir/lib64" +if ! test -d "$libdir"; then + libdir="$installdir/lib" +fi +cd "$libdir" for i in *; do - if realpath "$i" | grep -qE '\.incoming$'; then - r=$(basename "$(realpath "$i" | sed -E 's@\.incoming$@@')") + if readlink "$i" | grep -qE '\.incoming$'; then + r=$(basename "$(readlink "$i" | sed -E 's@\.incoming$@@')") if test -L "$i"; then ln -sf "$r" "$i" fi