a collection of golang BGP tools to monitor, archive and serve
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2015-02-21 04:28implemented necessary structs for MrtTableDumpv2. Added the new Mrter…dsp2+71-16
2015-02-18 01:46added bgpmon bin target and go get before compilationdsp1+3-1
2015-02-18 01:44commiting dummy cmd/bgpmon.go that is bgpd.go from osrgdsp1+169-0
2015-02-17 05:54added general structure of the bgp message parseratomic2+143-0
2015-02-17 05:24removal of commented code and gofmtdsp3+32-72
2015-02-17 05:16implemented getScanner , getDate and getFirstDate, to abstract part o…dsp1+114-23
2015-02-12 22:28implemented a queryParam struct to pack functionality and added type …dsp2+47-9
2015-02-12 20:57exporting fsar.Conf, now fsarconf keeps a pointer to the whole archiv…dsp2+20-13
2015-02-12 20:16retiring mrtarchive and xmlarchive in favor a type being a parameter …dsp2+60-157
2015-02-12 18:27now Get function on the url request, parses seconds toodsp1+3-4
2015-02-11 03:03seperating the HTTP api logic in another file. archive/api.godsp2+105-89
2015-02-11 02:15initial commitdsp16+9410-0