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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,10 +1,43 @@ -This is a standalone implementation of fortify source. The implementation -is libc-agnostic and simply overlays the system headers by using -#include_next magic. +What is it? +=========== -The implementation will trap only non-conformant programs. This in turn -implies that fortify source level 2 protection is handled in the same way -as level 1. +This is a standalone implementation of fortify source[0]. It is libc-agnostic +and simply overlays the system headers by using GCC's #include_next. It was +initially designed to be used on musl[1] based Linux distributions. -This implementation does not provide binary compatibility with existing -fortify source implementations. + +Why? +==== + +- It is portable, works on *BSD and Linux systems. +- It will only trap non-conformant programs. This means that fortify + level 2 is treated in the same way as level 1. +- Avoids making function calls when UB has already been invoked. This + is handled by using GCC's __builtin_trap(). +- All of the check functions are inlined into the resulting binary. + + +How to use? +=========== + +A plan for integrating fortify into a Linux distribution is still in +planning stages. If you want to quickly test it, you can try something +like the following: + +cat > fgets.c <<EOF +#include <stdio.h> +int +main(void) +{ + char buf[BUFSIZ]; + fgets(buf, sizeof(buf) + 1, stdin); + return 0; +} +EOF +cc -I<path-to-fortify-include-dir> -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=1 -O1 fgets.c +./a.out + +At this point, the program will crash. + +[0] +[1]