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      1 This is a simpxlistic website generator created for the www.2f30.org
      2 website.  It consists of:
      4   * Makefile
      5   * config.sh
      6   * header.dhtml
      7   * footer.dhtml
      9 The `Makefile` includes implicit rules for markdown and html source
     10 content files.  The `config.sh` script acts as a preprocessor for a set
     11 of global names, such as the `${BASE}` variable, which is useful for
     12 writing absolute paths.  With just doing `make` you obtain a static
     13 website and you can see it using your browser on the filesystem.
     14 Because some paths are absolute (see how `${BASE}` is used in
     15 header.dhtml), remember to adjust the `BASE` variable in Makefile
     16 accordingly in order for config.sh to generate correct paths for online
     17 or offline viewing.
     19 Requires the py3-markdown package to be installed on OpenBSD.