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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -54,3 +54,85 @@ Here are some examples: # Get up to date with community based projects wendy -D -M -C -d /mnt/nfs/project/ -t 30 -e notify-send 'project updated' + + +FAQ +=== + +> Can it work on a folder and sub folders ? + +It does not. inotify does not handle this by default, and implementing this +would make the code grow in complexity to a level I don't want to reach. +But you could do something like: + + $ tree + . + └── a + ├── b + │ ├── c + │ └── d + └── e + + 5 directories, 0 files + + $ for d in `find a -type d`; do + > wendy -C -q -f $d -e echo file created in $d & + > done + +That will spawn one instance of wendy per directory. You could then kill them +all using job control or with + + killall wendy + +--- + +> Can you explain why this exists? Doesn't inotifywait (from inotify-tools) do +> this exact same thing? + +When I first started wendy, I was not aware of inotifywait. It was just a good +programming exercise. + +With the time, I found wendy more and more useful, and added a few options to +make it faster and more 'generic' (It was first created to watch my mail +directory, to alert me of new mails). + +Today, I know that inotifywait can be used for everything wendy does Anyway, I +still prefer using wendy because of this: + + * inotifywait exits upon event reception [1] + * inotifywait does not allow to launch a command on event reception [2] + * inotifywait with multiple events can end in an infinite line [3] + * inotifywait only handle the file modification event (eg, wendy can use + the IN_ONLYDIR mask). + * inotifywait exits right when an event occur, wendy can treat all queued + events at a specific period + * inotify-tools : 164kb against 12kb for wendy (ok, not that relevant) + * I like the name 'wendy' better + +[1] I'm aware of the '--monitor' flag, but the only way to exec a command with +this is a pain that implies read, a while loop and so on. + +[2] In fact, you can, by doing "inotifywait -e <event> && command", and +wrapping it in a while loop. Well, don't forget to add a test to see if your +file still exists, to avoid infinite buggy loops. You'll end up with something +like: + + while test -e ~/path/to/my/file; do + inotifywait -e <event> ~/path/to/my/file && command + done + +Good luck with this, I prefer "wendy -m <mask> -e command" + +[3] one flag per event. events written in words: + + inotifywait -e access -e create -e delete -e modify -e attrib /path/to/file + +I prefer + + wendy -m 774 ~/path/to/my/file + +--- + +> Would you prefer to fight one horse sized duck, or 10 duck sized horses ? + +Regarding size and number, I'd rather fight horses. Ducks are silly creatures.