inotify based node watcher
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Provide better explanations in the README

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -18,17 +18,19 @@ Usage Refer to wendy(1) manual page for details and examples. The below commands are provided as a quick introduction. -These commands will helps you recompile a project, preview the manual -page and upload it to a remote location (each running in a separate -terminal): +Recompile a project when a source file changes: ls *.[ch] | wendy make - wendy -w manual.1 sh -c 'clear;PAGER=cat man ./$WENDY_INODE' - wendy -rd -m 394 -w . rsync -av . remote:/dest -Note: the numerical value "394" is a combination of event: MODIFY, -CLOSE_WRITE, MOVED_TO, CREATE. See `MASKS` in wendy(1) for all supported -events and their numeric values. +Dynamic preview of a manual page (note the use of simple quotes): + + export MANPAGER=/bin/cat + wendy -w manual.1 sh -c 'clear; man ./$WENDY_INODE' + +Synchronize the local directory with a remote one. The value `394` +is a sum of events: `MODIFY, CLOSE_WRITE, MOVED_TO, CREATE`: + + wendy -rd -m 394 -w . rsync -av . remote:/dest Installation -----