inotify based node watcher
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Author: Willy Goiffon <dev@z3bra.org>
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Provide more meaningful examples in the manpage

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diff --git a/wendy.1 b/wendy.1 @@ -95,24 +95,35 @@ Name of the inode concerned by the event Name of the event triggered (eg. "CREATE") .El .Sh EXAMPLES -.Ss Ring a bell on new mail -Whenever an IN_CREATE (256) event is triggered, the command is run: -.Bd -literal -offset Ds -wendy -m 256 -w ~/mail/INBOX/new play /usr/share/sound/bell.wav +Whenever an IN_CREATE (256) event is triggered in the Maildir folder +INBOX, a sound is played: +.Bd -literal + wendy -m 256 -w ~/mail/INBOX/new play /usr/share/sound/bell.wav .Ed -.Ss Replicate verbose output -This command uses an external process to print event name and path -to stdout: -.Bd -literal -offset Ds -wendy -m 768 -w . sh -c 'echo $WENDY_EVENT $WENDY_INODE' +.Pp +Use a sub-shell to print event name and path to stdout, showcasing the +variables exported internally (this replicates the +.Fl v +switch): +.Bd -literal + wendy -m 768 -w . sh -c 'echo $WENDY_EVENT $WENDY_INODE' .Ed -.Ss Rebuild a project when source files change -The mask is the sum of IN_MODIFY + IN_CLOSE_WRITE events: -.Bd -literal -offset Ds -find . -name '*.[ch]' | wendy make +.Pp +Rebuild a project when one of its source files changes: +.Bd -literal + find . -name '*.[ch]' | wendy make +.Ed +.Pp +This example will only watch directory nodes, and will monitor every +new directory created, thus propagating event monitoring inside the tree. +Note that events happening on files withing these directories will +still be reported, making the following command suitable for +synchronizing two directories: +.Bd -literal + find /src -type d | wendy -rd -m 970 rsync -av --delete /src /dest .Ed .Sh SEE ALSO -.Xr inotify 7, -.Xr entr 1 +.Xr inotify 7 , +.Xr rsync 1 .Sh AUTHORS .An Willy Goiffon Aq Mt dev@z3bra.org