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Update manpage according to latest changes

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diff --git a/wendy.1 b/wendy.1 @@ -3,42 +3,39 @@ .Os POSIX.1-2008 .Sh NAME .Nm wendy -.Nd inotify based directory and file watcher +.Nd inotify based event watcher .Sh SYNOPSIS .Nm wendy -.Op Fl lv +.Op Fl drv .Op Fl m Ar mask -.Op Fl f Ar file -.Op Fl t Ar timeout -.Op cmd Op Ar arg.. +.Op Fl w Ar inode +.Op command Op Ar args... .Sh DESCRIPTION .Nm watches for events in a directory or its files and executes .Ar cmd when an inotify event is triggered. .Bl -tag -width Ds -.It Fl l -List mask values to be used with -.Fl m . +.It Fl d +Directory mode. Only directories will be watched, while regular +files will be skipped (even if explicitely set with -w). See IN_ONLYDIR +from +.Xr inotify 7 . +.It Fl r +Recursive mode. Everytime an IN_CREATE event is triggered, +a watch is added on the target file/directory. .It Fl v -Enable verbose mode +Verbose mode. Each triggered event is printed along with the path, +as provided on the command line. In the case of directories, the path +triggering the event is concatenated to the directory path. .It Fl m Ar mask -Sets the mask of events to watch for (default: IN_MODIFY|IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE). -Refer to the MASKS section of this manual page for more details. -.It Fl f Ar file +Sets the mask for events you are interested in (see MASKS for more details). +default: 970 (IN_CREATE|IN_DELETE|IN_MODIFY|IN_MOVE|IN_CLOSE_WRITE) +.It Fl w Ar inode Specifies the file or directory to watch events in. You can specify multiple files by providing the -.Fl f +.Fl w flag multiple times. -If no file is specified, then -.Nm -will read file names from stdin. -.It Fl t Ar timeout -Sets the delay -.Nm -will check the file or directory for events. -.Ar timeout -is in seconds (default: 1). .El .Sh MASKS The mask is a numeric value passed to inotify to specify the events that should @@ -59,12 +56,16 @@ IN_CLOSE_WRITE 8 .It IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE 16 .It +IN_CLOSE 24 +.It IN_OPEN 32 .It IN_MOVED_FROM 64 .It IN_MOVED_TO 128 .It +IN_MOVE 192 +.It IN_CREATE 256 .It IN_DELETE 512 @@ -82,33 +83,24 @@ IN_UNMOUNT 8192 .It Ev WENDY_INODE Name of the inode concerned by the event .It Ev WENDY_EVENT -Numeric value of the event triggered +Name of the event triggered (eg. "CREATE") .El .Sh EXAMPLES -.Ss Watch single events -This command will make wendy play a sound whenever a file is created in the -direcotry specified. It might be used as a "new mail" notifier. +.Ss Ring a bell on new mail +Whenever an IN_CREATE (256) event is triggered, the command is run: .Bd -literal -offset Ds -wendy -m 256 -f ~/Mails/INBOX/new play /usr/share/sound/bell.wav +wendy -m 256 -w ~/mail/INBOX/new play /usr/share/sound/bell.wav .Ed -.Ss Watch multiple events -You can watch multiple events by passing the sum of their numerical value to -the -.Fl m -flag. This command will watch both IN_CREATE (256) and IN_DELETE (512) in the -current directory, and report these events to stdout (same effect as using the -.Fl v -flag) +.Ss Replicate verbose output +This command uses an external process to print event name and path +to stdout: .Bd -literal -offset Ds -wendy -m 768 -f . sh -c 'printf "%s\\t%s\\n" $WENDY_EVENT $WENDY_INODE' +wendy -m 768 -w . sh -c 'echo $WENDY_EVENT $WENDY_INODE' .Ed -.Ss Watch multiple files -The two following commands are equivalent and will run -.Xr make 1 -whenever a .c of .h file change. +.Ss Rebuild a project when source files change +The mask is the sum of IN_MODIFY + IN_CLOSE_WRITE events: .Bd -literal -offset Ds -wendy -f foo.c -f foo.h -f lib/libbar.c make -find -name '*.[ch]' | wendy make +wendy -m 10 -w foo.c -w foo.h -w lib/libbar.c make .Ed .Sh SEE ALSO .Xr inotify 7,