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diff --git a/wendy.1 b/wendy.1 @@ -0,0 +1,108 @@ +./" wendy manual page - section 1 (general commands) +.TH WENDY 1 2015-03-31 Linux +.SH NAME +.B wendy +\- directory and file watcher based on inotify +.SH SYNOPSIS +.B wendy +.RB [ \-l ]\ [ \-f +.IR file ] +.RB [ \-t +.IR timeout ] +.RB [ \-v ] +.BI \-m\ mask +.BI \-e\ command +.SH DESCRIPTION +.B wendy +watches for events in a directory or its files and executes a command when an +inotify event is triggered. +.SH OPTIONS +.TP +.B \-l +Outputs a list of masks +.B wendy +can watch for and their mask values. +.TP +.BI \-f\ file +Specifies the file or directory to watch events in. +.BI \-t\ timeout +Sets the delay +.B wendy +will check the file or directory for events. +.I timeout +is in seconds. +.TP +.B \-v +Verbose. +.B wendy +will output the mask of the event caught, followed by a tab, and then the name +of the file or directory that the event was caught in. +.TP +.BI \-m\ mask +Sets the mask of events to watch for. Refer to the +.B MASKS +section of this manual page for more details. +.TP +.BI \-e\ command +Execute +.I command +when the events have been caught. +.B NOTE: This must be the last argument to any call to wendy! +.SH MASKS +A mask is a number that +.B wendy +uses to find out what events it should check for. When using +.BI \-m\ mask\fR, +.I mask +will either be a number or a sum of numbers from the table below: +.TS +l l +--- +l l. +MASK VALUE +IN_ACCESS 1 +IN_MODIFY 2 +IN_ATTRIB 4 +IN_CLOSE_WRITE 8 +IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE 16 +IN_OPEN 32 +IN_MOVED_FROM 64 +IN_MOVED_TO 128 +IN_CREATE 256 +IN_DELETE 512 +IN_DELETE_SELF 1024 +IN_MOVE_SELF 2048 +IN_ALL_EVENTS 4095 +IN_UNMOUNT 8192 +.TE +.SS Watching for single events +For example, a program writes to a log file +.I progam.log +in the home directory when an error +occurs. There is not a log file there currently. Since the event to look for is +a created file, the mask will be 256 for IN_CREATE. +.nf + +wendy -m 256 -f ~ -e echo "The program has failed. Read the log." + +.fi + +.B wendy +will look for any file created in the home directory and echo a reminder to read +the log there. +.SS Watching for multiple events +As another example, a temporary directory is going to be watched for the +movement of files in and out of there. The mask to use here will be an addition +of the masks of the events to look out for: 64 (IN_MOVED_FROM) and 128 +(IN_MOVED_TO). This adds up to 192. +.nf + +wendy -m 192 -f ~/tmp -e echo "Files moved to or from ~/tmp." + +.fi + +.B wendy +will check in the temporary directory for if a file has been moved in or out of +there and echo a reminder. As usual, the command to run can be anything. +.SH SEE ALSO +.BR inotify (7)