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2013-08-18 03:49Change comment style in assembly files.oblique1+8-8
2013-08-18 03:44Use the same calling convetion that Linux kernel use for syscalls.oblique4+82-44
2013-07-26 14:42Fix return valuessin1+3-3
2013-07-26 14:32Simplify hash table implementationsin2+106-115
2013-07-24 13:17Constify enqueue_kfifo()sin2+2-2
2013-07-24 08:13pool.{c,h}: rename free_item to free_itemsoblique2+2-2
2013-07-24 00:54kfifo.c: use errno.h return codesoblique1+2-2
2013-07-24 00:22Include inttypes.h in pool.h, kfifo.h and hash.hoblique3+6-0
2013-07-24 00:10print.c: add %zu and %zd in kprintf functionoblique1+57-0
2013-07-23 14:18hash.c: every htable has its own spinlockoblique1+15-17
2013-07-23 14:11kfifo.c: every kfifo has its own spinlockoblique1+10-12
2013-07-23 13:30Add a space in some printable stringsoblique1+3-3
2013-07-23 13:29pool.c: every pool has its own spinlockoblique1+7-8
2013-07-23 12:37Restructure the code of krealloc() and add one feature in it.oblique1+24-26
2013-07-21 20:15Enqueue/dequeue 0 bytes always succeedssin1+6-0
2013-07-21 20:09Add comment markers at end of #endif in headerssin2+2-2
2013-07-21 20:07Add kfifosin2+91-0
2013-07-21 19:54Add memmove()sin2+23-0
2013-07-21 19:38Rename pool functions to be consistent with the hash functionssin2+8-8
2013-07-21 13:01Add simple hash table implementation using open-addressingsin2+165-0
2013-07-18 15:45Remove uart.hsin2+85-92
2013-07-18 15:36Create a bool typesin1+2-2
2013-07-18 15:35Fix vertical spacingsin6+0-16
2013-07-18 15:22Rename NUM_OF_* to NR_*sin2+6-6
2013-07-17 15:22Disable interrupts in panic()sin1+2-1
2013-07-17 10:27Fix indentationsin2+5-3
2013-07-17 10:22Add item_statesin1+16-4
2013-07-17 10:14Add TODOsin1+5-0
2013-07-17 10:12Rename arena to itemsin2+37-37
2013-07-17 09:57Rename arenas to poolsin4+118-118
2013-07-16 21:41Use a spinlock around the arenas functionssin1+9-0
2013-07-16 21:33Add arenassin2+109-0
2013-07-16 21:31Add panic()sin3+21-0
2013-07-16 21:19Add krealloc() and kcalloc()sin2+63-0
2013-05-27 13:28update README.mdoblique1+8-1
2013-05-26 14:15add bootloader_clean in Makefileoblique1+3-0
2013-05-25 16:23update README.mdoblique1+8-2
2013-05-25 02:24Remove submodules, add `git clone' of themoblique6+14-15
2013-05-25 02:06Rename `README' to `README.md' and add more details.oblique2+54-1
2013-05-25 01:29Add LICENSEoblique1+20-0
2013-05-24 02:49panda_usbboot.sh: fix an if statementoblique1+1-1
2013-05-23 23:41Add u-boot-linaro-stable as submoduleoblique5+14-0
2013-05-23 17:42rename `usbboot' to `boot'oblique5+6-6
2013-05-23 16:56Load the kernel at 0x82000000 instead of 0x80000000.oblique6+5-62
2013-05-14 21:40Add omap4boot as a submoduleoblique4+61-6
2013-05-14 19:34sched: rename curr_task to currentoblique2+2-11
2013-04-26 14:25mmu.c,kmmap: check if the virtual address is PAGE_SIZE aligned.oblique1+3-3
2013-04-25 08:31mmu.c: disable SCTLR.AFE in mmu_initoblique1+4-4
2013-04-20 09:47mmu.c: add dsb after every TLB invalidationoblique1+9-4
2013-04-15 21:31mm.c: remove a forgotten lineoblique1+0-1
2013-04-09 06:27io.h: add compiler barrieroblique1+2-0
2013-04-09 06:24spinlock.h: replace assembly code in spinlock_unlock with C code.oblique1+1-6
2013-04-09 06:23rwlock.h: rephrase some commentsoblique1+13-13
2013-04-09 06:20semaphore.h: move mutex_t within the file.oblique1+4-4
2013-04-03 08:56move readers-writer lock to rwlock.hoblique2+154-148
2013-04-02 12:56spinlock.h: rename INIT_SPINLOCK to spinlock_initoblique2+2-2
2013-04-02 00:29semaphore.h: add readers-writer lockoblique1+150-1
2013-04-01 17:45semaphore.h: fix mutex_unlockoblique1+7-0
2013-02-24 22:45fix a typooblique1+1-1
2013-01-09 04:03rs232.c: check if TX FIFO is full before waiting to get empty.oblique2+10-4
2012-11-30 20:55update READMEoblique1+1-1
2012-11-13 05:22minor change in dmtimer.coblique1+47-42
2012-11-13 05:08fix a race-condition in semaphore_wait()oblique1+3-0
2012-11-13 05:07add sched_disable(), sched_enable(), sched_is_enabled()oblique2+59-27
2012-11-13 05:05add irq_get_flags() and irq_set_flags()oblique1+27-0
2012-11-05 16:12minor change in thread_func() exampleoblique1+1-0
2012-11-05 16:07improved and safer semaphoresoblique1+26-34
2012-11-05 16:06add suspend_task_no_schedule()oblique2+12-0
2012-11-05 15:57disable irqs before we change the state of 'current'oblique1+6-3
2012-11-01 16:14add some comments in semaphore.hoblique1+12-1
2012-11-01 15:11add semaphore and mutexoblique2+114-2
2012-11-01 15:10atomic.h, spinlock.h: put "cc" in clobber listoblique2+13-13
2012-11-01 10:16make sheduled variable in task_struct volatileoblique1+1-1
2012-10-31 22:18add suspend_task(), resume_tasks() and remove spinlocks from sched.coblique2+101-39
2012-10-31 22:02put parentheses arround arr in ARRAY_SIZEoblique1+1-1
2012-10-31 21:55add list_move_tail()oblique1+9-2
2012-10-31 21:54add irq_enable() and irq_disable()oblique1+12-0
2012-10-31 21:53add uatomic_add_return()oblique1+21-2
2012-10-30 22:30fix a bug in SAVE_ALL_EXoblique1+3-3
2012-10-30 10:00move cpsr variable of struct regs to the endoblique2+19-18
2012-10-29 11:42improved force scheduleoblique1+31-15
2012-10-29 11:41add software generated interrupt supportoblique5+25-5
2012-10-29 11:41fix a bug in spinlock_trylock()oblique1+3-3
2012-10-27 23:05improve scheduler and add sleep(), msleep()oblique4+102-35
2012-10-27 23:04fix a typo (replace microseconds with milliseconds)oblique1+2-2
2012-10-27 23:02add memory barriers and event signaling in spinlocksoblique1+19-6
2012-10-27 23:01add data synchronization barrier at the end of mmu_enableoblique1+1-0
2012-10-27 23:00add some atomic operationsoblique1+64-0
2012-10-26 21:13fix a bug in scheduleroblique1+22-14
2012-10-26 18:00added: timers, scheduler, kernel threadsoblique30+1095-123
2012-09-09 20:27added: spinlock, simple heap allocator, gcc constructors support, linked listsoblique21+495-37
2012-08-04 19:53fixed: invalidate TLB after we map a physical memory to virtual memoryoblique1+8-5
2012-08-04 15:18added: MMU, physical page allocator, I/O helpers changed: kernel entry pointoblique15+442-26
2012-07-11 03:07fix some bugs in linker scriptsoblique5+19-9
2012-07-10 15:05better way to link kernel.bin in usbbootImageoblique4+16-8
2012-07-10 12:14initialize interrupts stack, finish swi handleroblique9+145-34
2012-07-09 17:41fix Makefile, add usbbootImage, init vector tableoblique11+153-28
2012-06-20 18:00.gitignore addedoblique1+10-0
2012-06-20 17:57initial stageoblique16+479-0