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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -6,11 +6,51 @@ much simpler. The following programs are currently implemented: - chvt clear ctrlaltdel dd df dmesg eject fallocate free freeramdisk - fsfreeze getty halt hwclock id insmod killall5 login lsmod lsusb - mknod mkswap mount mountpoint pagesize passwd pidof pivot_root ps - readahead respawn rmmod stat su swapoff swapon switch_root sysctl - truncate umount unshare uptime watch who +chvt +clear +ctrlaltdel +dd +df +dmesg +eject +fallocate +free +freeramdisk +fsfreeze +getty +halt +hwclock +id +insmod +killall5 +login +lsmod +lsusb +mesg +mknod +mkswap +mount +mountpoint +pagesize +passwd +pidof +pivot_root +ps +readahead +respawn +rmmod +stat +su +swapoff +swapon +switch_root +sysctl +truncate +umount +unshare +uptime +watch +who The complement of ubase is sbase[1] which mostly follows POSIX and provides all the portable tools. Together they are intended to form a