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Add an easier to edit "table" of tools in README

We need to go through the tools and update this table to reflect
current state.

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -4,6 +4,85 @@ sbase - suckless unix tools sbase is a collection of unix tools that are inherently portable across UNIX and UNIX-like systems. +The following tools are implemented: + +UTILITY POSIX 2008 COMPLIANT MISSING OPTIONS +------- -------------------- --------------- +basename +cal +cat yes none +chgrp +chmod +chown +chroot +cksum +cmp +cols +comm +cp +cut +date +dirname +du +echo +env +expand +expr +false +fold +grep +head +hostname +kill yes none +link +ln +logname +ls +md5sum +mkdir +mkfifo +mktemp +mv +nice +nl +nohup +paste +printenv +printf +pwd +readlink +renice +rm +rmdir +sleep +setsid +sort +split +sponge +strings +sync +tail +tar +tee +test +touch +tr +true +tty +uudecode +uuencode +uname +unexpand +uniq +unlink +seq +sha1sum +sha256sum +sha512sum +wc +xargs +yes + The complement of sbase is ubase[1] which is Linux-specific and provides all the non-portable tools. Together they are intended to form a base system similar to busybox but much smaller and suckless.