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Date:   Mon, 21 May 2012 22:16:46 +0000

mc: WTFM
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diff --git a/mc.1 b/mc.1 @@ -0,0 +1,36 @@ +.TH MC 1 sbase\-VERSION +.SH NAME +mc \- multi-column +.SH SYNOPSIS +.B mc +.RB [ \-c +.IR chars ] +.RI [ file ...] +.SH DESCRIPTION +.B mc +reads each file in sequence and writes them to stdout, +in as many vertical columns as will fit in +.I chars +character columns. +If no file is given, mc reads from stdin. +.SH OPTIONS +.TP +.BI \-c " chars" +specifies the maximum number of character columns to use +(unless the input contains lines longer than +.I chars +characters). +.I chars +defaults to 65. +.SH BUGS +This implementation of +.B mc +assumes that every byte is a character +which takes up one column on the screen. +It does not handle non-ASCII UTF-8 runes +or TAB characters correctly. +.B mc +currently mangles files which contain embedded NULs. +.B mc +does not attempt to determine the width of its output device, +nor does it allow the user to set a default width in its environment.