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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,11 +1,66 @@ -What is it? -=========== +What is ratox? +============== ratox is a client implementation of the rather popular tox protocol. -Unlike other clients relying on GUIs as an interface to the user, -ratox is developed with the UNIX-philosophy in mind and allows complete +Unlike other clients relying on GUIs as an interface to the user, ratox is +developed with the UNIX-philosophy in mind and allows complete interaction through named pipes. +Getting started +=============== + +Get the latest version from the git-repository; build and install it. +Run ratox in an empty directory and it will create a set of files and +folders allowing you to control the client. + +File structure +============== + +In the following paragraph, / refers to the directory ratox has been started in. + +Global slots (name/, status/, request/) +--------------------------------------- + +Global slots allow you to change your name and status message and send and +accept friend requests. Each slot contains an in, out and err file or +directory respectively. The in-file is a pipe waiting for user-input. +If you want to change your name or status, just pipe it to it. To send a +friend request, pipe the Tox-ID to request/in. The out-file contains the +current state of a given parameter. In request/, out is a directory +containing named pipes for each pending request. To accept or reject a +friend request, pipe a 1 or 0 to a FIFO respectively. + +Friend slots +------------ + +For each friend added, ratox will create a folder in / named after the friend's ID. +It contains files and FIFOs to interact with your friends. text_in and file_in allow +you to send messages and files just by piping them to them. text_out and file_out allow +you to read your friend's messages and accept file-transmissions. Accepting a file +transmission is as easy as just piping the file_out to a file or other stream. +online, name, status and file_pending are state-files giving you information on the +friend's status. If you pipe a 1 to remove, the friend will be removed. + +id file +------- + +/id contains your own Tox-ID to pass on to your friends if you want them to add you. + +Command Line Options +==================== + +-4 and -6 allow you to switch between IPv4 and IPv6 mode respectively. +-t enables TCP mode. By default, Tox operates with UDP and is recommended, as +TCP mode implies certain security considerations. +-p enables the TCP SOCKS5-proxy as specified in the config.h. Running ratox behind +a ssh-proxy is as simple as setting + +static char proxyaddr[] = "localhost"; +static uint16_t proxyport = 8080; + +in config.h (already set by default) and running ssh -C2qTnN -D 8080 user@example.org +in a separate terminal and launching ratox with ratox -p. + Features ========