a non-blocking client/server engine
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      1 NonBlockingENGine by <dsp@2f30.org>,<lostd@2f30.org>
      3 A nonblocking client/server engine for future use on sscall.
      4 (https://github.com/quantumdream/sscall.git)
      5 Will support SSL connections via a custom SSL wrapper.
      6 For SSL you have to create and sign certificates and keys
      7 by running the scripts in the ssl/ directory.
      9 cd ssl/; sh create_ca; sh create_client; sh create_server;
     10 sh sign_client; sh sign_server;
     12 to test get a netcat proccess listening for udp on a port:
     13 (BOX1) nc -ul 8888 (see the data that BOX2 sends)
     14 (BOX2) ./nbeng BOX1 8888 (send data to BOX1 and recv from it)
     15 (BOX1) nc -u BOX2 (send data to BOX2)