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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,13 +1,18 @@ -Morpheus is a statically linked musl based toy distro. +morpheus - a statically linked musl based Linux distro +====================================================== -The base system includes sbase[1], ubase[2], sdhcp[3], smdev[4], mksh -as well as other tools. +Building +-------- -To build the world use `mk world'. Please review the `' file -and adjust anything needed. +To build morpheus you currently need an x86_64 based host with +multilib support or an x86 host. You will need to have mk(1) from +9base or plan9port. -Morpheus has been build-tested on CRUX, Debian, Archlinux, Slackware -and Ubuntu 13.04. +Please review `' prior to building and adjust any parameters. + +To build everything: + + mk world To build specific packages: @@ -17,19 +22,35 @@ To force build packages and all their dependencies: mk -a pkg1 pkg2 ... -After you've built stage0 you can create a bootable image: +To clean the build system's cache: + + mk clean + +To clean everything including the downloaded files and the rootfs: + + mk clean-world + +Installing +---------- + +There is currently no installer. There is a script that creates a 4GB +image file that is suitable to dd to a usb stick. + +To create a bootable image: sudo modprobe -r loop sudo modprobe loop max_part=15 # to be done only once - sudo mk bootable + sudo mk bootable # this invokes stuff/create-bootable -This creates a 4GB image. You can dd this image to a USB stick if you -want to. Make sure to change the kernel command line to point it to -your root device. You can either do this before creating the image or -at the boot prompt as follows: +Make sure to change the kernel command line to point it to your root +device. You can either do this before creating the image or at the +boot prompt as follows: bzImage root=/dev/sd[X]1 rootwait init=/init ro +Testing +------- + To experiment with the image in qemu: qemu-system-x86_64 -hda morpheus-x86_64-0.0.img -enable-kvm -vga cirrus @@ -39,8 +60,3 @@ Login with root and an empty password. To obtain binary images go to Enjoy! - -[1] -[2] -[3] -[4]