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irc-notify.md (1371B)

      1 # Delivering remote notifications for fun and profit
      3 The simple notification system explained here is based on the urgency
      4 hint for the window manager and the terminal bell escape sequence.  The
      5 programs involved are the window manager, terminal emulator, terminal
      6 multiplexer if you use one, and your remote IRC client.  For this setup
      7 we will be using:
      9 - dwm
     10 - xterm / rxvt-unicode
     11 - tmux
     12 - irssi
     14 Other combinations of software are obviously possible.  First thing is
     15 to make XTerm or URxvt translate the bell to an urgency hint.  Put in
     16 your `~/.Xresources`:
     18     XTerm*bellIsUrgent: yes
     19     URxvt*urgentOnBell: yes
     21 Don't forget to update you resource database by running `xrdb ~/.Xresources`.
     22 By default DWM inverts the colors of the tag icon when it receives
     23 the urgency hint from an application on that tag.  To test how it
     24 appears you can open a new (now configured) terminal emulator and ring
     25 the bell:
     27     sleep 1 && printf '\x07'
     29 The sleep is just to give you time to switch to another tag.
     30 To make tmux pass bells through for all windows, even those not in focus
     31 add to `~/.tmux.conf` (note that this is usually the remote host config
     32 you want here):
     34     set -g bell-action any
     36 Finally, to make Irssi set the bell on private messages and nick highlights:
     38     /set bell_beeps ON
     39     /set beep_msg_level MSGS HILIGHT
     40     /save
     42 Cheers!
     44 lostd@ and sin@