deduplicating backup program
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diff --git a/dedup.1 b/dedup.1 @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@ -.Dd March 06, 2019 +.Dd March 7, 2019 .Dt DEDUP 1 .Os .Sh NAME @@ -13,28 +13,36 @@ .Op file .Sh DESCRIPTION .Nm -is a simple data deduplication program. +deduplicates data from the specified +.Ar file . +If no +.Ar file +is specified then it reads from standard input. +.Pp .Nm -only handles a single file at a time, so using tar is advised. +does not track any file metadata so to deduplicate +directory trees, an archival tool like +.Xr tar 1 +should be used. .Sh OPTIONS -.Bl -tag -width "-r root" +.Bl -tag -width "-m message" .It Fl Z -Disable compression support for this repository. This flag -only has an effect when initializing the repository. By default -compression is enabled. +Disable compression support for this repository. +This flag only has an effect when initializing the repository. +By default compression is enabled. .It Fl c Perform a consistency check on the repository. .It Fl i Initialize the repository. .It Fl l -List snapshots by hash. +List snapshots. .It Fl v Enable verbose mode. .It Fl e Ar id Extract snapshot with the specified id. .It Fl r Ar root -Set the root directory where the .snapshots and .store -files will be created. +Set the directory where the repository will be created. +By default the repository is created in the current directory. .It Fl m Ar message Attach a descriptive message to the snapshot. .El