libcec to uinput key event mapper
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2018-02-21 21:46Build against libcec 4lostd1+38-39
2015-10-20 20:43Fix config.h rule and add install targetslostd1+11-5
2015-03-30 09:11Fix workaround logic and properly initialize prev statelostd1+6-4
2015-03-28 14:47These should be errx(3) instead of err(3)lostd1+2-2
2015-03-28 14:43Add license filelostd1+23-0
2015-03-28 14:40Minimal working libcec code and key press logiclostd2+165-17
2015-03-27 16:23The uinput part works so farlostd4+138-0