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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2020-05-03 13:36Avoid unneeded global variable in mix.cLucas1+6-12
2020-04-26 15:33Adapt mix.c to new sioctl interface in OpenBSDLucas2+139-46
2019-07-16 11:25netspeed: use getifaddrs on OpenBSD...Lucas1+18-29
2018-07-01 09:41batt: show when a battery is absentHiltjo Posthuma1+6-2
2018-07-01 09:40temp: OpenBSD: use long long format string typeHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-05-22 18:54fflush stdout after printing on tty modeLucas Gabriel Vuotto1+1-0
2018-04-07 13:19Bump to 0.6sin1+1-1
2018-04-07 13:16Add Lucas to LICENSEsin1+1-0
2018-03-28 22:47Add support for multiple dates in different timezonesLucas Gabriel Vuotto3+19-2
2018-03-20 18:42sync arg.hHiltjo Posthuma1+11-26
2018-03-15 16:40Bump copyright year for lostdsin1+1-1
2018-03-15 14:01Add screen brightness sensor implementation for Linuxsin1+18-1
2018-03-15 11:54mix: Use unknown channel instead of front leftLazaros Koromilas1+2-2
2018-03-15 11:52mix: Add indication for muted masterLazaros Koromilas1+12-1
2018-03-15 11:06Add TTY backendsin3+116-4
2018-03-14 14:50Bump copyright yearsin1+1-1
2018-03-14 14:49update commentsin1+1-1
2018-03-14 11:11simplify argsChristoph Polcin1+2-2
2018-03-14 10:48No need for cpu args structsin3+4-10
2018-03-14 10:39Configure cpu module from argssin4+11-6
2018-03-14 08:06Add count files pluginChristoph Polcin5+40-2
2018-03-14 08:06Configure temp from argsChristoph Polcin3+4-4
2018-03-14 08:06Custom temp formatChristoph Polcin2+3-3
2018-03-14 08:06Configure battery from argsChristoph Polcin4+12-7
2017-10-14 17:04Add screen brightness sensorLucas Gabriel Vuotto4+48-2
2017-11-23 17:35Bump to 0.5sin1+1-1
2017-10-24 14:34mix: try to open only once mixer (TinyALSA interface) + style fixesSvyatoslav Mishyn1+15-20
2017-10-24 13:10mix: do not hardcode controls IDs in TinyALSA interfaceSvyatoslav Mishyn1+4-4
2017-10-23 20:53add .gitignore fileSvyatoslav Mishyn1+5-0
2017-10-23 20:42date: don't use argument for time(2) as a call can failSvyatoslav Mishyn1+1-1
2017-10-23 20:37mix: add TinyALSA supportSvyatoslav Mishyn2+52-1
2017-09-16 18:29Use D/U to indicate download/upload ratesin2+2-2
2017-09-16 18:27No need for gotosin1+4-6
2017-09-16 18:24Don't call fclose on NULL fpsin1+2-2
2017-09-16 18:18Rename label to something more genericsin1+5-5
2017-09-13 13:24Implement network speed monitoringLucas Gabriel Vuotto4+136-2
2017-05-30 11:31key: match types for XQueryPointer()sin1+3-3
2017-05-30 08:35file: Don't stop at first non-printable charactersin1+0-6
2017-05-29 17:43mix: Need unistd.h for close(2)sin1+1-0
2017-05-29 14:38Bump to 0.4sin1+1-1
2017-05-29 14:34Cast isprint() argument to unsigned charsin1+1-1
2017-04-06 13:11Bump up copyright yearsin1+2-2
2017-04-06 09:38Close display before exiting pluginlostd1+2-0
2017-04-06 08:04Blink battery icon when on critical levellostd1+9-1
2017-04-06 07:52Don't keep state for X displaylostd1+4-6
2017-04-06 07:05Add key state plugin with caps lock as examplelostd6+68-2
2017-04-02 15:30Read up to len and terminate at the first non-printablelostd1+25-1
2017-03-30 14:39Add a plugin that simply reads from a filelostd5+35-2
2017-03-01 14:51wifi: Linux also needs sys/ioctl.hsin1+2-1
2016-11-20 13:18Fix null pointer dereference in statuslostd1+17-10
2016-11-16 20:39Bump to 0.3lostd1+1-1
2016-11-16 20:27Move socket system call outside of the looplostd1+20-27
2016-11-16 15:07Use a callback to read mixer volumelostd1+46-18
2016-11-07 12:33Load and free resources, was reading stale datalostd1+2-1
2016-11-07 12:13Reuse the mixer handle if possible to reduce CPU usagelostd1+9-4
2016-11-07 11:31Xlib is basic and needed for all systemslostd1+1-3
2016-11-03 17:15Better error checking and percentage computationlostd1+50-29
2016-11-03 17:09Make it easier to disable the mix pluginlostd1+8-5
2016-11-03 15:42Implement mix plugin for Linux using ALSA sound libsin2+52-1
2016-11-02 17:00Don't show anything when mpd is stoppedlostd1+10-0
2016-11-02 16:43Show an animation instead of a long URI when no tagslostd3+14-8
2016-11-02 16:03Remove unused variablelostd1+0-1
2016-11-02 15:03Make some room for the long lines in Makefilelostd1+5-4
2016-11-02 15:00Report frequency of CPU0 in Linuxlostd2+21-1
2016-11-02 14:15Add comment for magic number in conversionsin1+1-0
2016-11-02 13:55Unneeded castlostd1+2-4
2016-11-02 13:53Don't use values for range or stats when ioctls faillostd1+6-2
2016-11-02 13:47Revert "Use IF_NAMESIZE instead of IFNAMSIZ"sin1+3-3
2016-11-02 13:43Use IF_NAMESIZE instead of IFNAMSIZsin1+3-3
2016-11-02 13:37Add Linux support for the wifi pluginlostd2+99-4
2016-10-17 16:09Allow selecting the host/port for the mpd pluginsin5+10-3
2016-10-17 15:55Include util.h in the wifi plugin since it uses strl*sin1+2-0
2016-10-17 15:53Use LINE_MAX instead of BUFSIZ for the status buffersin1+3-2
2016-10-17 15:47No need for a global timeformat anymoresin1+0-2
2016-10-17 15:43Add support for passing an argument to a pluginsin12+42-43
2016-10-14 13:48Clarify commentsin1+1-1
2016-10-14 13:45Add comment to explain how to stub out dependenciessin1+3-0
2016-10-14 13:29Move all stub implementations to stub.csin6+35-30
2016-10-13 16:17Restore err.h include in spoon.csin1+1-0
2016-10-13 16:11Including stddef.h for size_t is not needed when also including stdio.hsin8+0-9
2016-10-13 16:05Use unnamed declssin1+10-10
2016-10-13 16:00Fix OpenBSD -current buildlostd1+1-0
2016-10-13 15:48OCD alignment, the new alternativelostd1+1-1
2016-10-13 15:43Add stub implementations for mpdread and xkblayoutreadsin2+17-2
2016-10-13 15:39Sources are fixed, it's the object files we care aboutlostd1+6-6
2016-10-13 15:27Isolate optional dependencies to ease custom buildslostd1+12-6
2016-10-13 15:10Guard Linux implementation in __linux__sin1+7-1
2016-10-13 15:03Implement temperature plugin for Linuxsin2+15-2
2016-10-13 14:52Customize strftime(3) format in config.hlostd2+5-1
2016-10-13 14:37Remove static as symbol names are prefixedsin2+2-2
2016-10-13 14:35Just see the LICENSE file, no need to repeat this headersin2+0-2
2016-10-13 13:08Drop echo(1) in favor of printf(1)lostd1+1-1
2016-10-13 11:19add a delay configuration optionQuentin Rameau2+4-1
2016-10-13 11:18fix missing header for sleep()Quentin Rameau1+1-0
2016-10-13 09:45Sort declarationssin1+5-5
2016-10-13 09:42Add load average pluginsin4+19-3
2016-10-13 00:06Unbreak build on OpenBSD -current againlostd1+1-0
2016-10-12 23:42Everything on separate fileslostd5+134-121
2016-10-12 23:24Separate all system-dependent codelostd5+135-121
2016-10-12 23:01Require autoconflostd2+13-7
2016-10-12 22:22We need err.h in all cases, assume we have itlostd2+2-2
2016-10-12 22:14Put code for wifi in a separate filelostd3+114-95
2016-10-11 14:53Change capacity ranges and add a critical iconlostd1+6-4
2016-09-26 15:54Move comment to right placesin1+1-1
2016-09-26 15:53Remove ret variablesin1+4-12
2016-09-26 15:51Set ret to -1 on errorsin1+2-1
2016-09-26 15:48Distinguish between no song playing versus mpd errorsin1+6-1
2016-09-26 15:43Close connection on failuresin1+3-1
2016-09-26 15:35Don't free connection if no song is playing, just reuse itsin1+3-4
2016-09-26 15:26Display song filename if the file doesn't have any tagssin1+8-3
2016-09-26 15:05Make connection to mpd persistentsin1+18-9
2016-09-26 09:31Fix make dist targetlostd1+2-1
2016-09-25 18:43Unbreak build on OpenBSD -currentsin1+1-0
2016-09-25 15:57Battery life in separate file and linux supportlostd3+88-43
2016-09-24 19:30Fix includes for sleep(3)lostd1+1-0
2016-09-24 19:07Provide strlcat(3) and strlcpy(3) for systems that lack those.lostd5+113-1
2016-09-19 20:58Make code more uniformlostd1+3-3
2016-06-11 09:18Bump to 0.2sin1+1-1
2016-05-24 21:22Add config header filelostd3+19-11
2016-05-24 20:44Reorder defaultslostd1+1-1
2016-05-24 20:36Equivalent of mixerctl outputs.master in percentagelostd1+65-0
2016-05-24 18:11Nuke some newlinessin1+0-10
2016-05-20 22:26Frequency units are part of the pluginlostd1+2-2
2016-05-20 22:23Support printing hw.sensors.cpu0.temp0 in Celsiuslostd1+28-0
2016-05-17 16:18Left-pad output in cpu plugin with spacessin1+1-1
2016-05-17 16:13Fix compilation errorsin1+3-3
2016-05-17 14:01Remove unneeded header includesin1+0-1
2016-05-17 13:57Add cpu freq readingsin1+24-0
2016-05-17 09:32Fix copyright year in LICENSEsin1+2-2
2016-05-17 09:11Iconify battery life and wifi signal strengthlostd1+27-4
2016-05-17 08:12Close socket when we are donesin1+2-3
2016-05-16 23:19Remove unnecessary warningsin1+0-1
2016-05-16 18:03Add plugin to show wifi signal strengthsin1+98-0
2016-05-16 09:19Use the preprocessor flags variablelostd1+1-1
2016-05-15 16:02Return failure when plugin is unsupportedsin1+1-1
2016-05-15 15:39Simplify root window handlingsin1+1-5
2016-05-15 15:38Use XSync() instead of XFlush()sin1+1-1
2016-05-15 13:29Add dist targetlostd1+11-2
2016-05-15 13:22Optimize for spacelostd1+4-4
2016-05-15 13:19Naming changelostd1+2-2
2016-05-15 13:16Add licenselostd2+15-0
2016-05-15 13:12Polish defaults and add commentlostd1+5-7
2016-05-15 13:08Add support for mpd current songlostd2+35-5
2016-05-15 12:43Add warningsin1+1-0
2016-05-15 12:41Nuke some newlinessin1+0-2
2016-05-15 12:34Fix memory leaksin1+2-1
2016-05-15 12:31Free vd.options in case of failuresin1+9-4
2016-05-15 12:25Battery read plugin only works on OpenBSD so guard itsin1+12-4
2016-05-14 18:15Change time/date formatlostd1+1-1
2016-05-14 18:13Set X root window namelostd1+24-3
2016-05-14 17:55Use makelostd1+28-0
2016-05-14 17:52Add support for X keyboard layoutlostd1+44-0
2016-05-14 16:52Add battery pluginsin1+40-10
2016-05-14 16:47Initial commitsin1+77-0