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fallocate.1 (677B)

      1 .TH FALLOCATE 1 ubase-VERSION
      2 .SH NAME
      3 \fBfallocate\fR - Preallocate blocks to a file
      4 .SH SYNOPSIS
      5 \fBfallocate\fR [\fB-o\fI offset\fR] \fB-l\fR \fIlength file\fR
      7 \fBfallocate\fR preallocates blocks to a file.  Only certain filesystems
      8 support the fallocate system call.  This is a very fast operation to allocate
      9 uninitialized blocks in a file without doing any IO.
     10 As  of the Linux kernel v2.6.31, the fallocate system call is supported
     11 by the btrfs, ext4, ocfs2, and xfs filesystems.
     12 .SH OPTIONS
     13 .TP
     14 \fB-o\fR
     15 Specifies the beginning offset of the allocation, in bytes.
     16 .TP
     17 \fB-l\fR
     18 Specifies the length of the allocation, in bytes.
     19 .SH SEE ALSO
     20 fallocate(2)