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ls.1 (1230B)

      1 .Dd January 20, 2015
      2 .Dt LS 1 sbase\-VERSION
      3 .Sh NAME
      4 .Nm ls
      5 .Nd list directory contents
      6 .Sh SYNOPSIS
      7 .Nm ls
      8 .Op Fl 1acdFHhiLlrtU
      9 .Op Ar file ...
     11 .Nm
     12 lists each given file, and the contents of each given directory.  If no files
     13 are given the current directory is listed.
     14 .Sh OPTIONS
     15 .Bl -tag -width Ds
     16 .It Fl a
     17 Show hidden files (those beginning with '.').
     18 .It Fl c
     19 Use time file's status was last changed instead of last
     20 modification time for sorting or printing.
     21 .It Fl d
     22 List directories themselves, not their contents.
     23 .It Fl F
     24 Append a file type indicator to files.
     25 .It Fl H
     26 List information about the targets of symbolic links specified on the command
     27 line instead of the links themselves.
     28 .It Fl h
     29 Show filesizes in human\-readable format.
     30 .It Fl i
     31 Print the index number of each file.
     32 .It Fl L
     33 List information about the targets of symbolic links instead of the links
     34 themselves.
     35 .It Fl l
     36 List detailed information about each file, including their type, permissions,
     37 links, owner, group, size, and last file status/modification time.
     38 .It Fl r
     39 Reverse the sort order.
     40 .It Fl t
     41 Sort files by last file status/modification time instead of by name.
     42 .It Fl U
     43 Keep the list unsorted.
     44 .El
     45 .Sh SEE ALSO
     46 .Xr stat 2