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rmmod.8 (837B)

      1 .TH RMMOD 8 ubase-VERSION
      2 .SH NAME
      3 \fBrmmod\fR - Remove a module from the Linux kernel
      4 .SH SYNOPSIS
      5 \fBrmmod\fR [\fB-fw\fR] \fImodule...\fR
      7 \fBrmmod\fR removes one or more modules from the kernel.
      8 .SH OPTIONS
      9 .TP
     10 \fB-f\fR
     11 This option can be extremely dangerous: it has no effect unless
     12 CONFIG_MODULE_FORCE_UNLOAD was set when the kernel was compiled.
     13 With this option, you can remove modules which are being used, or
     14 which are not designed to be removed, or have been marked as unsafe.
     15 .TP
     16 \fB-w\fR
     17 Normally, \fBrmmod\fR will refuse to unload modules which are in
     18 use.  With this option, \fBrmmod\fR will isolate the module, and
     19 wait until the module is no longer used.  Noone new will be
     20 able to use the module, but s up to you to make sure the
     21 current  users eventually finish with it.
     22 .SH SEE ALSO
     23 insmod(8), lsmod(8)