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mkswap.8 (411B)

      1 .TH MKSWAP 8 ubase-VERSION
      2 .SH NAME
      3 \fBmkswap\fR - Set up a Linux swap area
      4 .SH SYNOPSIS
      5 \fBmkswap\fR \fIdevice\fR
      7 \fBmkswap\fR sets up a Linux swap area on a device or in a file.  The
      8 \fIdevice\fR argument will usually be a disk-partition but it can also be a
      9 file.  After creating the swap area you will typically need to use the
     10 \fBswapon\fR command to start using it.
     11 .SH SEE ALSO
     12 swapon(8)