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dd.1 (1449B)

      1 .TH DD 1 ubase-VERSION
      2 .SH NAME
      3 \fBdd\fR - Copy a file
      4 .SH SYNOPSIS
      5 \fBdd\fR [\fIoperand...\fR]
      7 \fBdd\fR copies the standard input to the standard output.  By default input
      8 data is read and written in 64kB blocks.  When finished, \fBdd\fR displays the
      9 number of records read and written as well as the total number of bytes copied.
     10 \fBdd\fR syncs the filesystem once it is done copying.  If you want
     11 to disable that use the \fInosync\fR option.
     12 .SH OPERANDS
     13 .TP
     14 if=\fIfile\fR
     15 Read input from \fIfile\fR instead of the standard input.
     16 .TP
     17 of=\fIfile\fR
     18 Write output to \fIfile\fR instead of the standard output.  If an initial
     19 portion of the output \fIfile\fR is skipped using the seek operand, the output
     20 file is truncated at that point.
     21 .TP
     22 bs[=\fIN\fR]
     23 If bs is not specified, the default blocksize is 64kB.  If bs is specified
     24 without setting it to a specific value then an optimal value between the source
     25 and target filesystem will be selected.  If this process fails it will fallback
     26 to the system's pagesize.  Adjust \fIN\fR to set the block size of the transfers
     27 in bytes.
     28 .TP
     29 seek=\fIN\fR
     30 Seek \fIN\fR blocks from the beginning of the output before copying.
     31 .TP
     32 skip=\fIN\fR
     33 Skip \fIN\fR blocks from the beginning of the input before copying.
     34 .TP
     35 count=\fIN\fR
     36 Copy only \fIN\fR input blocks.
     37 .TP
     38 direct
     39 Use direct I/O for data.
     40 .TP
     41 quiet
     42 Enable quiet output.
     43 .TP
     44 nosync
     45 Do not sync the filesystem once we are done copying.