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ctrlaltdel.8 (709B)

      1 .TH CTRLALTDEL 8 ubase-VERSION
      2 .SH NAME
      3 \fBctrlaltdel\fR - Set the function of Ctrl-Alt-Del combination
      4 .SH SYNOPSIS
      5 \fBctrlaltdel\fR [\fB-hs\fR]
      7 Based  on  examination of the linux/kernel/sys.c code, it is clear that
      8 there are two supported functions that the  Ctrl-Alt-Del  sequence  can
      9 perform:  a  hard reset, which immediately reboots the computer without
     10 calling sync(2) and without any other preparation; and  a  soft  reset,
     11 which  sends the SIGINT (interrupt) signal to the init process (this is
     12 always the process with PID 1).  If this option is  used,  the  init(8)
     13 program must support this feature.
     14 .SH OPTIONS
     15 .TP
     16 \fB-h\fR
     17 Perform a hard reset
     18 .TP
     19 \fB-s\fR
     20 Perform a soft reset