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uudecode.1 (697B)

      1 .TH UUDECODE 1 sbase\-VERSION
      2 .SH NAME
      3 uudecode \- decode a uuencoded file
      4 .SH SYNOPSIS
      5 .B uudecode
      6 .RI [file]
      8 .B uudecode
      9 reads file (or by default, the standard input) and writes a decoded
     10 version to the file specified in the uuencoded header. In case that
     11 the file already exists, it is truncated. Otherwise a new file is
     12 created. After the operation the permissions of the created/accessed
     13 are changed to reflect the mode in the header.
     14 .SH NOTES
     15 This version of uudecode does not currently support the base64
     16 encoding algorithm.
     17 For safety currently uudecode operates only on regular files and
     18 stdout. Trying to uudecode to a link, directory, or special file
     19 yields an error.